SpaceX Starship Starlink Deployment Mech, Booster Grid Fin Redesign, China Launch Failure, Falcon 9


Lots of stuff to pack into today’s episode. We have TONNES of Starship stuff to cover thanks to both a load of devlopments happening at the Starbase site AND the release of Everyday Astronaut’s latest Elon Musk interview! China saw a failed Hyperbola-1 launch but also a successful Long March 7 Launch, SpaceX flew back-to-back Falcon 9 Starlink missions, and I answer some of your questions about the Rocket Lab Electron Recovery from a couple of weeks ago!

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Check Out Tim’s Elon Musk Starbase Interview!

Starship, Starbase, and all other rocket Photographers:
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  1. Why's the thumbnail of the booster look like a ahem cigarette?

    Was this an intentional joke, surely I'm not the only one to see it…

  2. Elon Musk 3 grid fins is a bad idea because you cannot catch it using the tower

  3. 1:25 what rocket garden? retirement? So thats what the rocket garden is.
    The elephant bludy graveyard.
    As far as im aware none of them silly starships have done anything or gone any where. How do they get a retirement. I think first comes adolescent and middle age before retirement.
    Real talk. The new and previous generation is desperate to get out of work and on benefits its no bludy wonder even the rockets are following suite.
    Imagine it 100 rockets built so far. None left earth but those falcon heavies are going well right?
    Yes yes pls help distract me so i dont have to think about more human spuds with more money then i will ever see even the buildings and fast cars i cant afford to look around in the city are cheap in comparison to the money we are talking about. Iv never seen something truly expensive and likely neither will the rest of you. Well those starships you have seen up till now are cheap prototypes not meant for launch let alone making money or pay loads. You or me would never say such insane words. But billions wasted in development and take NOTE countries not businesses but countries take that prototype model on its head and lets waste as much money as possible on a thousand different wrong shapes to find the right one because we know nothing about wings and maybe a turd will roll out of the money shredder as a golden turd. Thats why they bandage up props on military ships and subs. That shape cost so much money. Looking at it is probably costing a Lamborghini every 3 seconds. Recieve a blueprint. You better own several countries and have wicked lawers.

  4. I still would love to see a Falcon 10 using 4 Raptor 2 engines and a second stage using a single Raptor 2 Vacuum and between the second stage and the faring would be a heat shield so the second stage could be recovered. The landing gear would be like the first stage landing gear but a bit wider and it would partially deploy to steer and slow it. It should be reloadable and reusable like Elan plans for the Starship… an hour to check and refuel and off it goes again. A heatshield, payload, and fairing would be waiting and loaded on the second stage, restacked, fueled and launched within an hour. Even with the extra weight of the heat shield and landing gear I think the more efficient engines and fuel would likely yield a slightly increased payload.

  5. Actually yes. There will be large surfaces for the Clines and it also makes sense that these would cover vertical plumbing as well.

  6. We faked the moon landings. While we lie to ourselves and feel no urgency, Communist Chinese and Russians will be the first REAL people on the moon. Until SpaceX, we use the old Mercury (1 man) and Gemini (2 man) rocket motors – Atlas and Titan, updated. We put a lot of mass into space. And we need every good rocket we have to send it up. But we silently retired the Apollo (3 man) F-1 rocket! The strongest, best, most reliable rocket ever built by man. The F-1, 65 times proved, 13 flights, no failures, perfect record, strongest, best ever rocket that took us 250,000 miles to the moon, retired. We use old Mercury and Gemini rockets instead. And for 20 years we beg Russians for their rockets stronger than the Gemini Titan but weaker than the Apollo F-1. And we waited 15 long years for the Shuttle motor, a weak hydrogen burner that needs SRB (solid rocket boosters) to get up only 150 miles to it's low orbit. Why not use the mighty Apollo F-1? Stronger, it only took 7 years to fully develop. NASA spoke of using an updated F-1 to take us to Mars by 1985. It wasn't even used to take up the Shuttle 150 mile up low earth orbit in 1985. Our next moon rocket are 4 weak Shuttle motors on the SLS, plus SRBs (solid rocket boosters), fireworks. Why never an F-1 used to send rovers or probes to Venus, Mars and the outer planets? No, we use weaker rockets, slower, older. Why not an updated of our strongest, best F-1 that went to the moon already – many times? The real F-1 was endlessly exploding. They claimed it began to "self-correct" almost magically. They used this magical rocket and we faked the moon landings. So Russia wouldn't know we had weaker ICBM nuclear missiles. Russia knows! Europe uses Russian rockets on their Arian lifter. And we beg Russia for their stronger rockets! After the Shuttle, we depended on stronger Russian rockets! We never went to the moon. You can't take photographs on film in space! Lead lenses don't work! The camera on the astronauts and spacecrafts had no massive lead shielding to protect the film from 7 days in space becoming washed out by ever present cosmic rays and X-rays in space and on the moon. 5 minutes in space and film is cloudy gray and spotty. Moon film is perfect, no cloudiness or spots. The head of NASA resigned the DAY of 1st mission to the moon, why? Neal Armstrong resigned and was SILENT all his life! Not the face of you and I, we humans stepping on another world. No. Silent in his lie. Even Armstrong's last speech he admits to their lie. "Things left undone," "protected by truth's protective layers." Who ever says Truth has some "protective layers." Moon rocks were given to each nation. The Netherlands had theirs tested. It was petrified wood – from earth. Von Braun, NAZI head of faked moon missions, was always flying to Antarctica, even at the busiest times. He collected small meteors there. Antarctica long ago was a green forest. People find petrified wood in Antarctica, and meteors today. Youtube hides it, but UFO TV showed me much evidence. Stop lying to ourselves how great we are! While we sit, Communist Chinese working with Russians will be the first REAL humans to walk on the moon!

  7. When did The Chinese launch fail? China has successfully docked its own space station with the launch of Tianzhou 4, hehe.

  8. I’ve been wondering for a while, but what if you could freeze your methyl/ox in your tanks with a channel down the middle. Then the solid fuel or oxidizer would melt into that center channel where you could pump it to your engines. Unless I’m reading the numbers wrong you could store the same quantity of reactant in a smaller volume.

  9. How will starship ever be approved for human flight with no abort / recovery system.

  10. Now could someone please explain. What does it mean "gimble"? IS that where the engine comes apart and then comes back together? And if so how have they achieved an engine that comes apart then comes back together? Okra.

  11. Really annoying how half of your update videos is always pointless. No part of starship warrants a weekly update. You ramble and repeat stuff from previous videos. Just wait until there’s some to actually talk about

  12. Before Space This Week: Hating Mondays
    After Space This Week: Hating Mondays but with awesome space news content

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