SpaceX Starship: SpaceX installed 29 Raptor on Super Heavy | GAO denies Blue Origin’s challenge


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Hello friends, Welcome to another episode by Engineering Today and we are back with some latest space updates. First of all, we will take look at the 29 Raptor engines installed on Super Heavy within fourteen hours following a boost to SpaceX’s Orbital launch program and at the end we will talk about Bezos’s failure to impress GAO and facing defeat in the Artemis lander contract protests, as a result the contract now steps with SpaceX again.


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  1. Безос так богат что может сделать свою лунную программу с блекджеком и шлюхами

  2. Something doesn't seem right with the super booster's top fins. If the tower is supposed to grab it mid air while landing by the top fins with 2 arms, how is the tower supposed to grab it by the top fins when the fins are not all around the top circumference? What if the booster lands at a different rotation and miss the arms? Unless the booster is able to control its rotation when landing?…

  3. new channel about military stuff, inserts battle field 3 image into it. wtf bruh thats a game, not real life haha.

  4. I enjoy your videos but you really need a better editor to catch your mistakes.
    The SpaceX bid was just less than 1/2 that of the National Team's HLS system with its unsafe 10 meter ladder. The SpaceX bid was also less than 1/3 the Dynetics bid.
    Did you know that SpaceX's contract is for a single cargo landing and a single crew landing?
    NASA has offered up a new addendum asking for bids for landers to support a continued presence on the moon. This is the real prize and will be worth many, many times the $2.9 billion that SpaceX won for the two landings. Guess who will be bidding.

  5. Musk already stated that he thinks its possible to reduce tha wheight of the fins with about 50%. The need for folding was also bot apparent to him, not folding saves weight as well

  6. "two score and five" engines to be precise…. ha ha. , time 1:30, "scores" as a measure in engineering today?, so funny you used this term…. elon did say in the "everyday astronaut interview 1", that units should be used that make things easy to understand rather than harder… so if you are abraham lincoln.. "score" is a great unit of measure.. isn't a "score" equal to twelve units of anything ?, so, "two score and five" would equal 29?

  7. The contract that was given to space space X was only for An unmanned flight to the moon and 1 initial Manned flight to the moon. The subsequent trips are still up for Bid.

  8. It would be a fireworks when these thing landed in failure… Hopefully it won't happen

  9. You comparing space x with Soviet Union ???
    Man different times different tools and technology ,
    Your videos are good I like them and I watch them but don’t talk with your ass plz

  10. Why doesn't the guy doing the voiceover correct the huge amount of grammatical and linguistic errors in every script???
    What a savings!

  11. So, Blue Origin instead of whinning about NASA not granting them an award, the actual reason was that NASA didn't have enough funding to give a 2nd award, so perhaps Blue Origin should be complaining about how NASA doesn't have enough money for that instead.

  12. The English transcript for these videos is always terrible. Is it not written by a native speaker?

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