SpaceX Starship SN15 gears up for launch, Crew 2 success & Ingenuity flies (twice)


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This week of space news, has been yet another significant one. SpaceX Starship SN15 gears up for launch, we had the Crew 2 success, and Ingenuity flies (twice). Congratulations to NASA taking on those low altitude flight tests successfully. We have a lot to talk about with the Crew 2 mission, which is incredibly exciting. Then of course all that is going on at Boca Chica with Starship and the launch and production facility.

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  1. It causes me pain to see those high tech engines being transported open air without any protection covers on a dusty highway. Some cheap plastic hoodies would help me looking at it. Great job, Marcus!

  2. Although still in the very early stages of testing, but so far all of these prototypes have had a launch pad to take off from.
    The very first flight to Mars will this be an unmanned mission as it would be interesting to see how the starship handles the martian atmosphere, landing and then taking back off again without a launch pad and getting back off the planet using the raptors and then using them again to land here on earth.
    It will have to carry quite a lot of fuel to land on mars then take off and land safely on earth.
    Also the landing location would need to be quite flat for the starship to land safely and not fall over so I am guessing the landing legs would have to be much improved and able to adjust to keep it vertical.

  3. I've just watched Matt Ryan's animation and wondered if they will actually use the sea level Raptors for the landing burn on the surface of Mars. Given its atmosphere, wouldn't it make more sense to use the vacuum optimised Raptors and scratch the sea level raptors entirely (if they don't plan to bring it back to earth, that is)?

  4. So are we all just gonna ignore 4:45 ??? What are those dog looking machines. One is prancing around and one is just standing there. Do they have any useful utility?

  5. The speed of Spacex iteration and development is simply astonishing. They constantly have a new test project, starship test vehicle, and infrastructure being built in parallel. It just goes to show that if something is possible in theory, it's possible, you've just got to find all the ways it doesn't work before finding the way it does.

  6. Should ask him to make a full mission elapsed animation for landing on Mars. I know that it's pretty much the same concept, but thought it might be cool to see.

  7. Excuse me… I have a question… At around 12 minutes into this vid…. Were the astronauts wearing MASKS inside their SPACE SUITS? Come on people. What have we become? Great video as always Marcus. Nothing intended against your work.

  8. "…when New Glenn is operational." There is no "New Glenn!!!" There never will be a New Glenn!! Jeff Bezos does not have what it takes to make it to orbit. He is a one trick pony; Made his fortune with Amazon – which he runs quite well – and everything outside of that is a pipe dream – a vanity project, so that he can claim he's in competition with Elon. Outside of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is a LOSER. He will never make it to orbit – MARK MY WORDS.

  9. Competition is good for innovation and consumers. Those of us stuck with crappy LTE or satellite internet service providers in rural parts of the world are going to finally have some viable options in the very near future…

  10. Until SpaceX does sub-orbital point to point flights the starship will never have to light its 3 sea level raptors and do a mid-air flip. The starship will be launched on super heavy and by the time of separation the starship will be firing its vacuum engines. So the first time a sea level raptor fires is on landing. These SNxx flights are supposed to prove out the flaps works and it lands (which it has yet to accomplish), that’s it. Sea level raptors won’t fire on a true launch, there is no flip in the sky maneuver, all of that is just to get to test flaps and landings and the flaps work and Elon apparently doesn’t care about landing so why waste the fuel, equipment and time when there is nothing to prove because apparently landing isn’t important.

  11. At the rate SpaceX is going, I just can't see Blue Origin being any kind of viable competitor in providing low-cost access to space. The sheer scale of SpaceX capabilities dwarf Blue Origin and massively undercut its pricing. Consider why SpaceX dropped further development on Falcon Heavy when it by far the most capable and reliable LEO delivery model. Starship is so much more capable and its costs so much less that Elon said it's not worth the time and effort into improving Falcon Heavy versus putting resources into Starship development. Given that reality, Blue Origin and Amazon are launch capabilities are generations of development behind.

  12. Thanks Marcus for shedding light on that nosecone rig! It's been shrouded in mystery ever since it first appeared, so I'm happy to finally know what it's for!

  13. Marcus I love your weekly updates! Thank you so much for bringing space nerd information for me and my family to watch! I am grooming more space nerds with your channels help!!

  14. The external structure is not to text the starship at max-Q but rather to react the hydraulic load that will be applied to the internal structures that will have to carry the mass of the cargo under the acceleration from the super heavy raptors. The load cannot be reacted through the starships outer skin. Thanks for your updates

  15. The smugness of this guy is hysterical. The people who "don't get how cool the SpaceX is" probably get that it's not all that cool and are probably a lot older than Marcus House.
    He is clearly too young to be aware that he's just parroting the same excitement people used to have for Apollo, Soyuz and Space Shuttle back in the day.
    Those programs delivered a lot in terms of innovations and important goals. But they didn't live up to the promise of a continuous foothold in space.

    The SpaceX is likely to repeat some of the successes of the predecessors, which is fine, but for anything better they need a wholly new kind of propulsion.
    With the current system a permanent base on the Moon is not viable and the mission to Mars is just pure suicide.

  16. I have to really wonder about Amzon's Kuiper project seeing they will be far behind Starlink. I do not mind 2 parties though since we do not want a monopoly.

  17. We have been to the moon before, Why do we not already have a base there. Heck, why is it we have not been back? I think the cold war hurt us here though

  18. You do realise they didn't have the technology to land on the moon 50 years ago right? and if you believe they made that happen with technology of the same power as a calculator and that they "accidentally lost" that technology, then we need to have a little talk.

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