SpaceX Starship Rocket Stands Ready for Elon Musk’s Big Saturday Show


SpaceX Starship latest: Elon Musk unveils clearest view yet Of Three Raptor engines
New SpaceX Starship rocket stands ready for Elon Musk’s big Saturday show
SpaceX’s Starship, the vehicle designed to send humans to the surface of moon, Mars and other distant destinations, is coming together at speed.
Elon Musk is doling out more and more details about SpaceX’s next Starship prototype ahead of his big presentation this weekend.
On Saturday (Sept. 28), Musk will reveal the latest design of SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy. The presentation will take place at SpaceX’s South Texas facilities near the village of Boca Chica, where the company is building a Starship prototype called the Mark 1. SpaceX aims to fly this vehicle for the first time next month, on an uncrewed test jaunt that will reach an altitude of about 12 miles (20 kilometers), Musk has said.
The Starship is the most ambitious rocket SpaceX has ever built. It uses the Raptor engine, which uses liquid oxygen and methane as its fuel, that will enable astronauts to set up propellant depots on other planets to harvest resources and refuel.
The final versions of SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy could start flying very soon, by the way. SpaceX representatives have said that the duo’s first commercial flights, which will likely loft communications satellites, may launch as early as 2021 and a trip around the moon in 2023, but from there the company is aiming to establish a city on Mars and potentially venture out further by establishing propellant depots along the way.
It all starts with the Starship prototype, set to be unveiled on the anniversary of SpaceX reaching orbit for the first time back in 2008.

In this video Engineering Today will discuss SpaceX orbital Starship: Elon Musk shares rapid progress ahead of big reveal event.
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  1. When it comes time for an orbital test, can we get a video recorded fly-by of the ISS? that way we can see her in motion from the outside?

  2. The rocket is to friggin bright and to reflective , what if the shine blinds an alien and he crashes his UFO into the rocket ship? Is there uninsured UFO insurance?

  3. The melting point of 301 stainless steel is about 1399-1421°C. The atmospheric temperatures when leaving the planet is around 3,200 Kelvin or 2900 degrees C. THE GODDAMN THINGS GONNA MELT. ITS A FUCKING HOAX!

  4. I admire SpaceX and it's accomplishments to date. But I feel that construction of vast rockets with large human payloads is massively risky. With so many moving parts it WILL fail one day not too far away. At that point… the journey of SpaceX will be over.

  5. A space elevator is still be the best way to bring fuel/cargo supplies, I have another idea going to run the plans and simulation later.

  6. WOW! The SpaceX Starships look just like the space ships in the old Buck Rogers comics of the 1930s and 40s! Science fiction has become science fact! MARS OR BUST! "To Jupiter and beyond the infinite!"

  7. that inter city transport is a bit absurd, CIA be like [ woops, i put some nuke on the way to beijing, sorry]

  8. Musk is seriously misguided. Man cannot survive on Mars without very serious health consequences. 38% Earth gravity. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. There will never be a colony on Mars. Idiot!

  9. this crap is hilarious. we never made the moon. and according to nasa we lost the technology to go ? elon musk is a new world order puppet. hes apart of them not us. there is no mars no venusd no saturn. stop believeing lies people. we cant get out of our DOME. they know and i know it. its exactly why the UN has a flat earth map they laugh at you thinking we are on a globe. elon took 460 billion from our tax dollars to build crappy electric cars that suck. he hasnt made one nickel and now hes got money for all thisfairy tale crap where is the money coming from?they cant get to the moon nor the sun. think people stop believing what our lying textbooks tell us. think for yourselves

  10. I invented a system when I was in school that would have ended coal and oil I got told to forget about it because there are people who control these systems I have the know how all I need is a bit of help we can have a clean planet for the next generation please help me

  11. I put my money on one big catastrophic failure with the beer can technology. This is all a big hoax and yes, a side show from NASA to perpetuate their money grab .

  12. Sorry… feet? what is that.
    Seriously.. if you want me to watch anything on your channel again please state the numbers is metric units. There are enough similar sources that do, so it's pretty pointless to watch your stuff if you don't.

  13. It looks like a crude patchwork of stainless steel panels, not smooth and pretty like the artists' renditions. Hope the gaps between panels are narrower than they appear.

  14. (Said in my movie trailer voice)
    Sent from the future to steer humanity back on it's space ferrying coarse.
    Elon Musk brings us the Loony Tunes ACME rocket
    "Duck Dodgers In The 24th & a Half Century!"

  15. You literally said the same exact things word for word out of an article i read online. I didn't know you didn't write your own stuff. Why did you copy other people's work?

  16. If you were travelling to the ISS you'd get EVERY moment on your phone – where are the astronauts leaked photos/vids from their phones ? media would give smart money for those?

  17. Can you make your minds up – when l.pointed out last week the circumference at the base of the dome didn't fit the top of the fusleage – too small – it was pointed out to me it was a prototype. BUT NOW, IT'S FINISHED

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