SpaceX Starship on focus | Elon Musk reveals the heart of Super Heavy booster | Bezos masterstroke


SpaceX Starship on focus | Elon Musk reveals the heart of Super Heavy booster | Bezos masterstroke

Hello Friends, Welcome to another episode by Engineering Today and we’re back with some latest Space updates for you. First we will start with Completion of Starship’s orbital launch pad which is now the main goal of SpaceX. Secondly, Musk shows the complex interior of Starship’s Super Heavy booster. Lastly we will talk about Bezos’ masterstroke.

0:45 Starship’s orbital launch pad which is now the main goal of SpaceX
5:19 Elon Musk reveals the heart of Super Heavy booster
7:55 Bezos offers billions in incentives for NASA lunar lander contract


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  1. The Complex Interior of the booster and the feed lines; looks like a picture of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

  2. I have been making posts about how Jeff Bezos was literally begging to be allowed a piece of the HLS contract. This video though, includes parts of the letter that I had not seen in other sources. Now it seems he is not so much begging as arrogantly saying that NASA has made a mistake, but he is willing to overlook that and accept their business anyway. Either way, he really comes off looking bad.

  3. Maybe you meant that the launch table can stand 5000 metric tons? Even that seems too low, since Starship will be about that heavy when fueled; the table should have at least a 2:1 margin of safetey or better. If I was designing it I'd set the goal at 10,000 to 20,000. But the videos says it withstands 500 tons. That's the weight of just two of those tower segments. It is impossible to think the table would be so weak; I think the research for these videos is. It's like every video has at least one factual mistake …

  4. All the billionaires trying to get off Earth before the Feast of Trumpets again this year. Thinking they can escape the great tribulation and return of Jesus. Jesus is our lord and savior and there is no escape for the wicked!

  5. In what way is Bezos offer ‘a master stroke’? It’s too little too late and your video title is just click bate…

  6. Costs were only one part of the reason NASA chose SpaceX. Capacity was another. Neither Bezos or ULA came up with a system to ferry both humans and payload. So Jeff, try again

  7. Bezos is a spoiled billionaire. Seems his dream was to provide millionaires a space hop that he did without NASA
    .If he took his $2billion with a goal of landing humans on moon he would be more credible & given contracts galore.
    He doesn’t even have an orbit capable rocket after 20 years. I guess bribing NASA may cause them to reconsider if SpaceX is chosen. That may be Bezos main goal?

  8. Your segment from 3:30 to 4:10 showed a GSE tank as you were talking about the launch table. You guys need to coordinate the video editing with the narration.

  9. NASA : So your saying our judgement was wrong and now you want to pay us 2 Billion to get on board ?

  10. Bezos "only billionaires can compete for NASA contracts now as only we can wave billions of dollars of development costs to secure them" fuck him, if he wants fair competition give him fair competition. Don't let him buy his way into a contract slot killing off competition for 2nd place.

  11. There are more tesla's orbiting in space then there are blue origin satellites in space. And how cool is it that the starship is flying on farts and starlight! (farts as in methane and starlight as in energy from the sun that is stripping O2 out of the air. Besos has nothing like that.

  12. The number of times the word "SpaceX" is used here is truly!!! Geez, that would be one heck of a drinking game. It's for the algorithm, am I right?

  13. Save your Money NASA Bezo's is not the future of Space, it's definitely Elon's SPACEX Company who leader of future of Space. ✌

  14. Jeff bezos' attempt here was out and out the bribery, plain and simple. His original goal was to create orbiting earth orbiting space stations. He should stick with this plan and leave the moon landing to SpaceX who won square and fair.

  15. That Blue Origin crap looks lame compared to Space X. Looks like old janky 70's conceptions. Jeff Bezos sucks.

  16. Maybe WLB Bezos should PAY some friggin taxes on his own $200 Billion dollar income before he starts demanding our paid tax dollars to fund stuff he has shown no example that he can even do for 3 time what firmly established & reliable SpaceX is already doing.

  17. Starship Lunar Lander humiliate all the concurrency with his huge size and capable to deliver 100 tons of payload to the surface of the Moon. Jeff Bezos is so ridiculous and pathetic. He is a Bad Loser kkkkkkkkk

  18. Washington post is own by Bezos.
    Now after all the lies they have printed he his not happy about the new administration…

  19. Now if blue origin announced that they been working on a air breather rocket engine capable of operating from sea level to atmospheric Edge with greatly increased efficiency, and testing is now starting, he would actually have are attention for a change.

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