SpaceX Starship Launch Tower at KSC Growing FAST! & NASA KPLO + Blue Origin NS-22 Mission | WAI NC

The Second SpaceX Starship Launch Tower at Kennedy Space Center is Growing Fast and Blue Origin SN-22 & NASA KPLO Lanched!

#elonmusk #spacex #starship

A series of uncommented videos directly from the lens of our photographer Chief at SpaceX’s Starbase, TX. Only the latest pictures from the Starship construction site!

Production: Felix Schlang
Editing: Jonathan Heuer
Photography: Kevin Randolph / Schlang

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WAI No Comment Episode 112


  1. It just looks like a water tank, its actually the new 18m bore for Super Starship. It's how it all started lol

  2. My question to WAI, will the first Starship + Heavy booster "second" flight be on Florida🏖 or Texas🏜?

  3. Progress at the Cape is mind boggling! 😯We'll be out bi-weekly from now on the ground and in the air!!!