SpaceX Starship Interior: Habitation Deck

The SpaceX Starship system is a fully-reusable, two-stage-to-orbit, super heavy-lift launch vehicle under development by SpaceX. Starship is being designed to help make humanity multi-planetary as we colonize Mars in the near future.

Join Space News Pod and digital artist Neopork as we embark on a journey to design an interior habitat on SpaceX’s Starship. In this episode, we take a look at the second level of the ship, the Habitation Deck.



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  1. Please add color artwork and plants if possible softens the long duration environment

  2. Nice CGI, but quite pointless as major problems are not addressed at all. Where are toilets, bath (or more cleaning) rooms and storage for tons of food, water, oxygen, replacement parts and waste just to name a few. Forget all those nice windows, they are far too heavy and would not survive the reentry on Mars. Forget about these large flat screens, too heavy and too space consuming, and will likely be damaged by radiation during the trip.

    So obviously the crew has been reduced from the announced 100 to 16. Consider that due to the very limited space it's more likely that the crew is split into three eight hour shifts, thus only 6 or 5 private rooms for sleeping/recreation are needed, while the other shifts will do their duty on board like navigation, maintenance, food production/preparation, scientific research, and exercising like hell.

    So your whole concept should consider the split society on board. It must consider medical equipment and room. It must consider enormous space for all the stuff the crew will need on Mars just to survive. Sorry when I burst your bubble, but there is nothing romantic on such a trip.

  3. This is one of the most masterful RickRolls of all time lmao. But also these videos are awesome, thanks for taking the time to make them.

  4. If I go to mars I would want to have this kind of cabin, I couldn't live in a tiny pod like on the iss

  5. This thing ain't going to Mars since it can't land properly on earth.

  6. With such big sleeping pods im concerned if there is enough space left for food and stuff

  7. I think SpaceX may use spin gravity for the long trip to Mars. And I think the best way to do this is with two starships joined tail-to-tail. That way you get the most acceleration where the crew is, and the less where the fuel and oxidizer tanks are. Also, you maximize the spin radius for the least Coriolis affect. And besides, the starships are already designed to link tail-to-tail for refueling.
    Anyway, this poses an obvious challenge for the interior design: how to make it so it works equally well when the nose is 'up' or 'down'.

  8. If someone Rick rolls me in a starship
    I'm Blowing It Up
    Edit: The internet connection might be spotty at best knowing we'll be on the other side of the sun for months at a time, unless we have somehow improved our communication technologies

  9. Protection from radiation? Equipment and storages must be places along walls and crew inside or Mars will become a hospice

  10. I wonder why there aren't actual photos of this, and not just artist's rendering? ?

  11. Thank you for giving me/us the opportunity to watch. All this time I've been watching you and only now have I realised you are conjoined with the, Scottish Nationalist Party! I promise not to tell anyone over here. ???

  12. Living in very long periods of low and zero gravity between returning to gravitation has proven to cause serious health conditions, only this time, it wasn't just a Soviet astronaut that endured it. The sleep beddings are designed for gravity rendering on the "Starship". It needed to lay sideways or pivit options, so a spinning craft can simulate, To remain comfortable like this ship design, one would need to implament low power long lasting 0.5~1G force acceleration and revert direction of craft, throughbout the trip, using nucular amp mini cells of electro rockets or gas mix.

  13. EVEN, though i am old and only hope i will be around to see the first landing on mars it is so wonderful knowing great inventors like Mr. musk our going to give you Young space adventurers the future i only seen in sci-fiction bless your hearts and enjoy the ride .

  14. Be a pain to travel for up to a year to get to Mars only for its landing to fail! They had better make sure it is 99% reliable!

  15. Although it may not be utilized in early Mars launches, imagine linking 4 starships together with an "+"" shaped tunnel once they are in LEO. If the starships traveled linked together, it would solve 3 major problems associated with the 7 month trip. The 4 ships could back each other up, so that a system failure in one would not doom the crew. They could share resources, with two having dining and food prep areas, where the other 2 have medical facilities. The 4 ships (Joined along their length) could be rotated around their centre of mass to simulate the gravity of Mars for almost the entire trip. Just under 6 rotations per minute would simulate Mars gravity. (They would separate as they approached Mars and would land individually) Supplies could be moved to the outside of the rotating mass, to provide cosmic ray protection for each other. I could send you a rough diagram of what I have in mind if you send me your email address. I think SpaceX may be interested in the idea.

  16. You do not need a window , an exterior cam to a flat screen that looks like a window is structurally better .

  17. Even though this ship is huge, space will be at a premium. For that reason, central tunnel will probably be smaller than shown.

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