Spacex Starship Factory Battles Power Outages With Tesla Solar Storage In Boca Chica


Spacex Starship Factory Battles Power Outages With Tesla Solar Storage In Boca Chica

As per latest reports a large number of Texans are forced into darkness as freezing temperatures move through the state, mainly due to significant chilly spell and the lack of proactivity demonstrated by state administration.
SpaceX’s Boca Chica Starship manufacturing factory at the southernmost edges of Texas, hasn’t been spared from the chaos, however an enormous Tesla Solar and Energy installation has minimised the blow to some extent. Being aware of Boca Chica’s inadequacies for modern evaluation power needs, SpaceX introduced that solar array and Tesla-made Powerpacks just about three years prior and generously expanded in 2020.

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Voiceover by Scott Leffler — .

  1. The problem is this is unprecedented and they are installing useless wind and solar…. Building nuclear plants is what places need to do if they r actually worry about "carbon emissions"

  2. After Space X has launched the satellites what happens to the craft after ??? Does it burn up on re-entry or just float about as Junk ??? And just before the satellites emerge there is i bit of metal comes off…. where does that end up, Crashing into the ISS ????? Surly after all the Great work Mr Musk is doing he can clean up as he goes !!!!

  3. 4:005:00 Sounds like you are dissing Elon Musk, or are you just being dry/caustic? Well if so, FU!
    You know what? What the world really needs right now is an Individual with the Idealism and gumption of Elon Musk, not the snark of a commentator channel like you…

  4. Aaaannndd, Elon Musk wrangled a huge industrial sized generator to save the Sea Turtles in a South Padre Island rescue facility. Some of their4 gear was damaged by the outage, but I'd bet Elon is busting his butt to find and bring in replacements or repair. At Boca Chica a whole bunch of the guys were originally boiler makers and pipe fitters.

  5. SpaceX Should not sell off their power to the town. Entice them to move out due to never ending blackouts. The progress of the rocket comes first they don't have a reason to worry about a town with no power.

  6. First of all I'm not a creator on YouTube. I don't know what problems you run into it balancing audio but at least when I watch your videos I have to try and mute your intro because it is seemingly so much louder then the rest of your video. I was just wondering if there's some way that you can tune down that intro music to a level that is comparable listening level to your voice part in the rest of the video. Suggesting not complaining I like your videos but that intro is stunningly loud in comparison to the rest.

  7. OK——- Indications (accoriding to Scot Manly) is that they lost an engine in the last few seconds of the return to Earth burn cutting Thrust by 25%. This forced the Booster to enter the atmosphere to fast and burn up. The question is: if they discovered that they were losing thrust on one engine for the last 10 or 15 seconds, why not cut that engine off as soon as the Thrust deteriorated (saving fuel) and burn the other 2 good engines for a few extra seconds to give them the needed Delta V? — Then doing the needed changes to land on the Good 2 engines for a successful landing. ——— I hope it was not a case of Space X being stupid again (Quoting Musk) and not believing such a thing could happen so they didn't add a few lines of Programing just in case. Saving a good Booster. —————- Can't wait to hear what the "Angry Astronaut" has to say. —– LOL.

  8. Uhh, most solar arrays in Texas were producing minimum power due to both snow cover and full cloudiness. Wind power essentially disappeared at the turbines froze. This latter loss seriously aggravated the power issues, as did the freezing of some generation equipment. This was once-a0-century low temperatures for Texas (never got above 18 for multiple days.)

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