SpaceX Starship Cocoa Facility 23 March 2020

Aerial view of facility. The big hangar is getting its door back. The Octograber for Just Read The Instructions recovery ship appears to be complete. Two more rings bit the dust, total of 10 remain. Lots of workers on a Monday, but no Starship work.

  1. The advantage of stainles steel is it's durabillity against corrosion. So spaceX has a lot of time to put this location at freeze and just continue from where they stop…..

  2. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. The wheel of fortune needs be off my back as I need to make several changes to Earth our home. This fortunate soul would hold the passed on knowledge of his or her peers. Nichola Tesla suggests using his 1:3,6,9 ratio combined with E=AI×V2 adding of course your Rhodens coil but in a different fashon, say like a belt were you make pick and chose your entry and exit. If you like you may use magnetic rings to support the high rotation of mass as one big wheel gives as seen 4k worth of energy. Fold that a few times and you will have say 20k, 4k×5 wheels. The fine point at the bottom of this is you have time my heavenly father says and a grand on at that as he unwinds for the day. A good civil engineer he was as he even created my mother, a healer for 35 years. I had read the encyclopedia brittanica set whilst in grade school. XYZ was my favorite. I beleive I'm not the first to know of pendulum energy as seen as endless as I have also enjoyed gaming. As a RTS player knows, if you need 3.5kw per hour resource you must have at least 3.5kw per hour out of your resource towers; be it 10 towers, thus by having 12 towers you ensure constant plus backup. So several capacitors backing up the wheel in motion that generates by rapid moving signwave across the 12 or so Rhodens coil belts liken to Russian stack dolls. If you prefer using a standard winding of copper wire you may. The volume of wire used as generating must outweigh the winding or windings used for propultion. Storing say 10% of watt created for a sudden boost to speed the wheel back up to RPM within allowable bandwidth. Tell you what, someone combine Sim City with engineering software with a good math program and I will build it virtually for you. Even the economy would flourish. Our air would be clean like China for a week or two was and we would not be failing the IQ test by leaving tonnes of battery acid for our coming . Just sayin. You can put a ring around the propeller of a single and use a DC motor to drive it but the underbelly holds the intake scoop that leads to a reverse turbine that also has a ring around it. Remember greater flow in than out and im sure it would pass approval by the pilot that has to test fly the thing?

  3. With all the expansion boca chica has seen I can see this facillity probably would not have enough space to continue expanding the same way. Was probably a good call to focus all efforts on the texas site

  4. Looks like SpaceX just cut their losses and abandoned what they had here. I heard Elon was at least a little worried that the Starship project would need too much investment and end up bankrupting SpaceX, so it makes sense they are putting full focus onto it. Afterall what else would that tent be used for *shrugs*.
    It really makes you wonder if SpaceX are spread too thin at the moment.

  5. Thank you for the fantastic footage! Octagrabber for JFTR? Didn't know a JFTR was coming, I know ASOG is coming, do you know when JFTR was announced, also where exactly is the octagrabber?

  6. Something is still going on there. Parking lot is full. Across the street you see the sand parking lot and the dirt road leading away from it. That's how they were planning to truck pieces from the build site to Hwy 528 and over to the barge. I wish you could get a drone over near the Roberts Road site and see what's happening there!

  7. This place is so puzzling. Can't see any use for the Mk2 pieces, they've moved so far beyond that. Scrapping the rings one-by-one over months? And now a new use for the VAB – when it appeared any future activity would be moved to Roberts Rd. Puzzling. But thanks for the update! Didn't know (or forgot) they build Octagrabbers here. Ditto for the assembly stands that get shipped to Boca Chica, I assume.

  8. So Mark2 is still there,… With all that's been developed and learned over in Boca Chica, they must be able to apply some new knowledge to Mk2.
    Maybe even sell it to the Space Force at inflated rate to develop in to the first Starfleet bomber ?

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