SpaceX Starship Booster Testing, Ships Shuffled, Starlink, SpinLaunch, SOFIA, & Starliner


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As your single-stop shop for space news supplements, I’m super stoked today’s episode is brought to you by the letter ‘S’. With a sophisticated Starship stacking. Ships Shuffled, Starlink, SpinLaunch, SOFIA, & Starliner. I’m seriously set to satisfy your insatiable, space skewed senses. You can also check out Starship: Stage Zero – A new SpaceX inspired boardgame at

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  1. Remember that time Marcus was a total lame idiot in the intro of a video!? Yep… this was that day.

  2. Yes i agree with u Marcus…i think SpinLaunch would be more adapted to work on the Moon or Mars than Earthbound. Just think no fuel needed to launch there with its low gravity and all.

  3. Barges? Way too pedestrian! Just slap a temporary nosecone on your booster, launch it, and do an off axis boost-back burn somewhere between Cuba and the Bahamas. It's at the cape in 10 minutes. Given these things are supposed to fly multiple times a day, explain to me why not!

  4. Why don't they just build them in Texas and fly them to Florida? Only one facility needed and you get a test flight in.

  5. Spinlaunch will work on the moon, even on Mars, but not on Earth. The atmosphere is too dense here. You need at least 7km/s exit velocity for it to give a meaningful boost, but at that speed the energy from contact with sea level atmosphere, or even Everest-level atmosphere, will vaporise it.

  6. Marcus, nice reporting. Thank you! Do we feel a Superheavy launch coming? I like the way you think. Thunderfoot did a nice video about Spinlaunch, and to say the execution needs a lot of help would be a drastic understatement.

  7. Best luck to Boeing. I hope they finally get that test flight in the bag. More capsules = more better 🙂

  8. Yes, why spend 85mil on a telescope when you can spend 1 billion per launch on a rocket?

  9. It would be amazing to see Space-X simply use StarShip for a mission, launch it from StarBase and then land it in FL.

  10. Pretty sure they have stated that they will fly the ship/ booster out to any floating lounch platform

  11. Instead of using a barge why not just hop the boosters and starships from Texas to Florida? They are designed to land after all.. just wondering if that would be practical?

  12. All rockets will initially launch from factory at Boca Chica. They will LAND at florida. That is how they will transport rockets to Florida. The same way Boeing or Airbus gets airplanes to Chicago or London. They fly them there.

  13. Be nice to see SOFIA put on a starship test the capacity for starship as a space telescope

  14. While I do think the spinlaunch may be useful on the moon, remember it is phisically impossible to throw anything into orbit from the surface of the moon. Or rather, the low point in the orbit is necessarily no higher than the launch point… To get to a useful launch point, there has to be an orbital boost at some point, which pretty much means that to payload has to have a rocket to perform that boost.

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