SpaceX “Starlink” will subvert the future of the Internet! Musk’s preview: end of beta testing this summer


The American aerospace manufacturer SpaceX previously launched a satellite network service “Starlink” (Starlink), looking forward to bringing high-speed networks to the world. Chief Executive Elon Musk announced on Twitter not long ago that due to the unexpectedly rapid development, he is expected to exit Beta testing mode before the end of this summer. In addition, the service will be upgraded soon to improve the network connection range and achieve the goal of “fully mobile” with satellite antennas.

The Starlink project has developed rapidly. Just providing a limited public Beta version of the service at the beginning of January this year, it has received a large number of queuing lists. In addition to significantly reducing manufacturing costs for equipment manufacturers, SpaceX also sells satellite antennas at a price of $1,000 lower than manufacturing costs.

According to SpaceX’s official website, the initial price of the satellite antenna is US$499, and a monthly Wi-Fi service fee of US$99 is required. However, the cost of manufacturing technology is about US$1,500. Even if the monthly Wi-Fi fee is deducted, for every satellite antenna sold, The company may lose at least nearly $500.

Plan to end Beta testing this summer

According to Musk’s latest tweet, since the public test, Starlink’s latency, bandwidth and service uptime have continued to improve. It is likely to exit the Beta test mode this summer, which also means that it will be published for the first time. full version.


Foreign media predicts that there are two possibilities for the full release version. The Starlink network may be faster than ever before. Residents in various regions connect to places outside the world, but it may also be possible that the service cannot be loaded for a whole day due to the upgrade to the full version. The number of users has slowed down the internet speed. SpaceX is currently launching more satellites to enhance network services, so it is also expected to deal with this problem in the short term.

Future Imagination of Starlink Project

Regarding the future imagination of the Starlink project, the netizen “Everyday Astronaut” asked Musk whether the future will not be limited to one place, or must he run around in the car? Musk replied that by the end of this year, the goal of “fully mobile” should be achieved. It can be moved to any place, and it can also be placed in a camper or mobile truck. However, it is still necessary to launch several more satellites to improve coverage and upgrade key software.

In other words, the future network will not be tied together like a normal home network. Musk’s statement also revealed that subscribing to Starlink network services only needs to bind a person’s name or account, as long as he has a satellite antenna receiver and With power available, you can use high-speed internet anywhere.

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