SpaceX Starlink Will Soon Dominate The Industry!


According to a recent study, up to half of Americans want to switch to Starlink. This is a staggering number given the short time it has been available. However, the idea of satellite internet is not new. Although satellites have long been used to transmit radio and television, they are also employed to send the Internet to far-flung areas.

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  1. Very good Space X project. It offers a very great contribution to the entire industry, with a technology of great magnitude for the whole world. Very good video.

  2. My two cents on star link and what is coming. Ground-based Internet is like a wheel the center is in Europe And it branches out across the world using fiber optics. 1 How could star link be faster than fiber-optic. In space light travel at the speed of light because it’s in a vacuum. White inside of a fiber optic cable travels slower than the speed of light because it’s not in a vacuum. If I am working on Wall Street and I need information from London I could theoretically obtain that information faster from Star link than the fiber-optic cable across the ocean. Think about Wall Street and how important that is. My 2 billion shares get sold in 1 ms sooner than your 2 billion shares.

  3. Thanks for the video, it was really interesting and helpful hope to watch more in the future about spaces starlink launch.

  4. Thank you so much for taking your time to explain everything into details,It is really interesting to know about spaces starlink launch,I have been your subscriber for a long time and I have always liked your videos

  5. The latest internet speed analysis from Ookla showed that SpaceX's satellite service provides the fastest satellite internet in the world, and even provides faster download speeds than fixed broadband in most European countries. That's why I'm not surprised that many more people want to switch to SpaceX Starlink.

  6. Elon Musk and his satellite train are the future! besides tesla. spaceX It is what is going to change the world. new sub keep it up dude

  7. Excellent information from SpaceX Starlink, it will undoubtedly dominate the satellite internet industry, this project is great, having internet anywhere in the world is something wonderful

  8. Starlink satellite internet is currently available in parts of the US and Canada to people who live between 44 and 53 degrees latitude. Starlink plans to be available worldwide by the end of 2022

  9. Starlink is the best innovation of this time. Elon Musk knows what he is doing, I admire all his work.

  10. I think that SpaceX Starlink will be able to have a lot of success in its launch, considering the demands of users wanting to use it, these changes will be surprising

  11. Thank you for your inquiries into Starlink FO/FB Technologies. very useful. I just installed Starlink and haven't had any outages so far. I'm sure it's only a matter of time, so I'd like to be ready

  12. Very good explanation between the improvements that could be on the internet and other services that we could use.

  13. This video makes me think about everything that SpaceX has done and all the technology that has advanced and you are absolutely right, it is beginning little by little to dominate all industries, thanks for sharing about this and explaining every detail, I love your channel and I love it. I recommend.

  14. This video has helped me a lot, it has excellent information, thanks for sharing it for free.

  15. Great video about SpaceX Starlink and how they'll be dominate the industry soon. If they'll be able to offer some good prices, many people will choose them. Cheers!

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