SpaceX Starlink Vs Project Loon: Who Wins? Internet Speed And Cost Comparison

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Checkout “Project KUIPER: $10 BILLION Investment Enough to Beat SPACEX STARLINK?”:

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There are roughly around 4 billion people who still don’t have access to the internet. Most of these people are living in remote areas and third world countries. So making internet more accessible to people in remote areas where they usually don’t have access to something like that would be huge. That’s why companies like SpaceX, Google, and Amazon are trying to get a foothold in this industry.

SpaceX’s Starship system is supposed to take peoples to Mars. Starship is the fully reusable spacecraft and second stage of the Starship system. It offers an integrated payload section and is capable of carrying passengers and cargo to Earth orbit, planetary destinations, and between destinations on Earth.

Project Loon is a project by Google X. The goal of this project was to bring internet access to everyone by creating an internet network of balloons flying through the stratosphere. They enable operators to expand their coverage to unserved and underserved areas with a fleet of stratospheric flight systems equipped with LTE base stations. So just like SpaceX’s Starlink and Amazon’s Project Kuiper. Google’s Balloon Internet has the same goals as SpaceX Starlink and Project Kuiper. All three projects are trying to provide internet to the underserved/unserved areas of the world.

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Antenna by AliWijaya from the Noun Project
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  1. Elon musk is a fraud lol… he always says he is gonna make all these projects & never comes thru

  2. starlink is for a selected amount of people and its a 1 to 1 satelite connection based on most likely ku band besides that it takes a average of 30+ minutte to find a satelite dish (from reviewers)

  3. Test results you show are incorrect. They are showing many users close to the 100mbps speed promised. Also averaging 19ms ping. as of Sep 2020

  4. Nice video.
    As a mech engineer, I would think operating in the frictionless environment that is space is a much better solution. Relying on balloons floating in wind currents just seems unreliable and would be difficult to get good coverage where the wind currents would work against you.
    In addition Spacex has already demonstrated in getting many satellites to space with reusable rockets.

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