SpaceX Starlink to Connect Rocket Recovery Ships | China Tried to Infiltrate ULA’s Supply Chain


SpaceX Starlink to Connect Rocket Recovery Ships | China Tried to Infiltrate ULA’s Supply Chain
Elon Musk’s SpaceX company on Tuesday asked the Federal Communications Commission if it can add 10 Starlink user terminals to its recovery ships. User terminals are the small devices on the ground that connect to the company’s satellite internet network.
On September 15, during a virtual fireside chatting session conducted for Air Force Association’s Air Space Cyber Conference, United Launch Alliance CEO Tory Bruno has revealed that one of the supplier of software used for the United Launch Alliance’s rockets are found out to have some Chinese stake. Bruno said: “This is just shocking in terms of the scale and ubiquity of this threat.”

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  1. the US and all the democratic nations should decouple their economies from the PRC and recognize the Republic of China

  2. Musk you are a trader. I hope you got a really good deal on your batteries while America loses because you decided to deal with China, A little pain now, For big gains in near future

  3. Asians generally are culture bearers, receiving ideas from white nations and modifying them to their own tastes. General David Thompson's description of China's "habit" of infiltrating the West to "acquire" ideas and information is merely the modern form of the old pattern. Left entirely to the cultural advances they can make by themselves, China would always lag behind any non-Marxist West. To catch up, they must either corrupt us, or continually steal from us, or both.

  4. First of all, Kuka is pronounced as a single word and not as individual letters. Secondly, Kuka used to be a German company, originally part of Volkswagen, and then spun out into its own company so other car manufacturers would buy the robots. China buying Kuka because their robots are used in the US Space industry is rather absurd. Those robots are used nearly everywhere all over the world. Claiming espionage or infiltration here without any proof is just clickbait.

  5. If China/ CCP were half as smart as they like to pretend they are, they'd be competitive with us. I mean their 5th generation fighter being ranked down to 4th Generation, which is an OBVIOUS knockoff of several of our 5th GENs. Even when they steal our tech and intellectual property, they can't seem to use steal it or use it right. Normally, I hate to generalize, but intellectual property theft is something which seems to be rife throughout the breadth of Chinese culture, from the lowliest person at a market selling knockoffs of purses or shoes to people copying movies. Perhaps the best way to put a stranglehold on China would be to treat it like its little brother, North Korea, and treat them like the pariah they obviously wish to be and block ANY and ALL trade with them, since they knock off what we send and copy it for cheap anyhow.

  6. KUKA is a German manufacturer of industrial robots and solutions for factory automation. It is owned by the Chinese company Midea Group.
    KUKA is the best robot company in the world, now sadly, they have been infected.?

  7. Kuka robotics are in a lot of industries including foundries, manufacturing, and machining. I would be surprised if the Chinese bought up part of a company to possibly get into one industry. The programming software for the robots and the programs themselves can be isolated onto non network computers if they are smart- that should be a common practice to me.

  8. This is interesting. I believe those very same robots SpaceX recently purchased to help with the mounting of heat shields for Starship, Link: starting @2:02 mark. I find it very odd that things are lining up in ULA's favour so quickly. They recently just filled claims against SpaceX citing SpaceX and China are a danger to national security as Elon Musk's Tesla has a factory in China and the partnership there would be a danger. ULA will continue to use this tactic against SpaceX. The government will descend on SpaceX like a fly on… … .
    Anything to slow progress.

  9. KUKA is one of the most popular robotic arm company, to say that if you sell robots to China then the US military won’t use it is the same as: if you sell screw drivers to China then we won’t use your screw drivers.

  10. Kuka is company founded in Germany and mainly based in Germany. The German government should have blocked the purchase of Kuka by Chinese investors which only happened last year or so.

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