SpaceX Starlink Satellites Train. Starlink G4-5 @Mr SuperMole #shorts


SpaceX Starlink (G4-5) Satellites Train seen from Earth (over Poland).
Launched into orbit on January 6, 2022

Filmed on January 15, 2022 at 6:27 a.m.

Camera: Sony a7s III
Lens: Samyang 135mm f/2.0

ISO 102400, 1/30


  1. Jak znowu nad Polską? Przecież co jakiś czas są nad Polską tylko my ich nie dostrzegamy bo niebo jest zachmurzone. 🤔

  2. Must use a lot of batteries to power those lights in those supposed little satellite trains….how far away do they say they are away?

  3. Obejrzałem przed spaniem i później miałem sen jak wpatruję się w podobne zjawisko na żywo..ehh 😍😴

  4. I saw one of these, at first we thought aliens were invading xD it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

  5. No, not cool at all. Elon Musk and his f*ing useless Starlink constellation is fast destroying the night sky, astrophotography and astronomy resarch, and to top it all putting at risk the rest of space research, satellites, space stations and probes. Not counting the huge risk of hampering research and study of NEO (Near Earth Objects) trajectories, thus increasing the risk of not preventing in time a catastrophic impact.

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