SpaceX Starlink Satellites Train – Sony a7s III. Starlink G4-6 – January 19, 2022


Very bright SpaceX Starlink G4-6 Satellites Train seen from Earth (over Poland) – 15 hours after launch.

Filmed in Poland
January 19, 2022
5:58 pm

Camera: Sony a7s III
Lens: Samyang 135mm f/2.0
ISO 80000, 1/30


Music (YouTube Audio Library):
Title: Satya Yuga
Performer: Jesse Gallagher

  1. May I please use this footage in a video i'm making with a link back to your channel and avatars on screen.

  2. I once saw some starlink satellites with my own eyes and it was such a peaceful experience watching it go smoothly.

  3. Can you make video about zooming again?😍😍😍😍
    like these PLANET: Moon Mars Jupiter 😃😃
    Good Starlink trains video 🥰

  4. I call b.s. ,it "looks" like a plane with a tether and row of lights,and not in Hugh orbital,greatest show on earth!

  5. fajne. Szkoda że wszystkie informacje o przelotach są z przed kilku dni czy godzin. Np tenfilm widzę dop po 3 dniach..

  6. As an amateur astrophotographer that spends many hours trying to capture distant galaxies I'd like to take each and every one of these satellites and stick them clean up Elon Musks backside!

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