SpaceX Starlink Investing – Shift4 – Bradford Ferguson

Is Shift4 a way to invest in Starlink’s future? Bradford Ferguson explains the Shift4 payments deal with Starlink, a Tesla connection, and discusses SpaceX Starlink itself with Warren. Shift4 trades on the NYSE as $FOUR

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  1. Going to Mars will be expensive, but most of the cost will probably be in all the fuel it takes to send so much material and equipment to Mars. Fuel is the only part of the equation they can't scale down the cost. To eventually be able to send a million people to Mars, having a massive fleet of Tesla bots and other machines building everything prior to the first human landing and continue building till the millionth person arrives, just the fuel cost would be in the hundreds of trillions if not more.

    SpaceX could setup Starlink on Mars and on the Moon as well, that's pretty much a no-brainer.

  2. Don't forget cell phones or satellite phones. Elon already showed off the Prototype. He's going to do the same thing with cell phones that he does with the internet using his satellite constellation

  3. I just don't understand why elons business who makes everything themselves would enjoy letting shift4 do this

  4. hey can we have timestamps when the guest speaks? lol just kidding, Warren is covering a lot that's already in his videos – I know, I watch a lot of Warren. Not sure the guest can get a word in edgewise to contribute.

  5. Russia shot one of their old satellites with a missile, which created thousands of pieces of debris that may affect Starlink satellites as well as other satellites. Has Elon commented on this?

  6. Actually, there are A LOT of Elon Musk haters out there. Besides the Luddites in the ICE and Big Oil camp, you have the aerospace rivals, you have the majority of liberal left who hate him, (go check out The Young Turks news channel on Youtube. They make fun of him for being a billionaire, to his tweets, to his covid stance, and his reveal of being autistic. ) Some QAnon-ers don't like Elon Musk, Teslas, because what the cars stand for. And given the recent racial accusations and $137 million award to the Black contracted employee, you'll discover a lot of Blacks in America hate Elon.

  7. You two discussed Shift4 vs Square vs Stripe, and decided Shift4 must have differentiated in some meaningful way. Warren pointed out that Elon is friends with the other Jack and could easily have gone with Square. But keep in mind that Elon is also an early investor in Stripe. So it says something that he did not choose Square or Stripe to process Starlink payments.

  8. Regarding SpaceX and Swarm Technologies. Here in New Zealand I manufacture live capture pest control traps which are set up for locally manufactured remote monitoring units which use ground based LORA networks for network data connection. They are complicated and expensive to setup, so only large pest control projects have been using them. Swarm capable Starlink satellites, with an easy to use Shift4 Payments gateway, would open up a huge market in New Zealand for remote monitored traps used by private landowners.

  9. Spacex recently purchased a company called Swarm Technologies, which operates a small constellation of satellites operating in the VHF frequency range to provide low bandwidth data connections to ground based IOT devices. These devices are used for remote monitoring, such as pest control, water storage tank levels, weather reporting, etc. The base plan for a Swarm data connection is $5 per month and it's possible that the next generation Starlink satellites will be fitted with Swarm transmitters. The addressable market for satellite linked IOT devices is in the multi-billions. Multiply each device by $5 per month. The potential market for Starlink services is huge, far beyond monthly broadband plans, and Shift4 Payments could process it all.

  10. Hey Warren. I just watched an amazing interview with former Tesla employee Joe Justice. He broke down the innovative way Tesla is Managing its business internally. I would love to see you interview him. It was from the channel “The best moment in history”. I definitely was even more bullish in tesla after learning how people work inside the company.

  11. Don’t forget businesses will be interested as well. Mine sites, scale house operations, etc…. Skys the limit.

  12. Ty Bradford Ferguson for sharing with us and of course a big thank you to Warren for helping him bring us the news. Great discussion!!

  13. Hey Warren…. Why do you think we've not seen any lucid cars on youtube yet?
    When the plaid came out there was lots of people showing off and uploading videos to youtube.
    Doesn't make sense??

  14. FCC and FAA are not helping Starlink to progress. I'm thinking SpaceX needs to relocate so those government organizations no longer have any affect on operations. No, the oil platform launch/land locations do not prevent them from imposing limitations.

    PS – Russia is banning starlink. haha, good luck with that.

  15. I don't know what kind of Internet you guys have in the USA but here in the UK we've got "virgin media" it's superfast fibre optic and nothing really comes close.
    Do you guys over there have virgin aswell?
    We're getting close to 1gbs through virgin in some places

  16. If every satellite can only handle 20gbps that's only 200 people per satellite at 100mbps. They need to increase this to make it able to serve ruralites worldwide.

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