SpaceX Starlink generation 2 setup experience with ethernet adapter and bridge mode


I received my starlink kit a few weeks ago and this video describes some of the setup experience and an overview of the accessories and features.

I am located in the SF Bay Area.

00:00 Unboxing and application overview
16:28 Accessories
20:00 Ethernet Adapter
22:02 The Dish
24:33 The Starlink Router
28:20 My Home gateway

  1. For some reason, none of the wifi settings or bypass mode are showing up as options in my settings. I can set the snow melt options….which is kinda pointless for someone in Florida….but no bypass….so disappointing.

  2. Excellent video and timing is perfect because we just got notice our Starlink is available to us, and will also be using a UDMPro. Thank you for this!

  3. My ethernet cable is still on backorder, so i have already added some devices to Starlink router. I have a Linksys wifi 6 router that I will want to connect. Can I run both the Starlink router and the Linksys together?

  4. So did u notice higher speeds using your own network over starlink router and if you did what was the difference between your own network and starlink router

  5. Thanks, this is the only video I have been able to find which gives a good look at the ethernet adapter and the various mounts.

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