SpaceX Starlink expansion cancelled due to Bezos' protests?


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  1. USA air superiority? If half a dozen highjacked passenger jets can fly around the most populated part of America until they decide to crash into particular buildings then Air superiority is a joke.

  2. Don't like Bezos. The "man" is a POS. Near space must be under his control, so litigate anyone else to death. Up yours, Jeff. E.S.A.D. As for China/Russia in space, I refrain from comment as I like the paint on my walls. As for UFOs, when the ships land, I'll be happy to bum a ride.

  3. The future will be great. Bozo sue origin will sue and sue and sue because there impotent in respect of technological achievement.
    Then Elon will hopefully sue Bozo for loss of income and bozo will whither back into his hole and close the door forever.
    Triumphant Elon will take us unimpeeded to Mars and beyond.
    Now Spaceman has set the lap record for a Tesla roadster passing a Mars orbit, I want to drive the roadster to stand on that podium.

  4. Jeff Bezos Should worry more about what he’s doing then worrying about everybody else that’s why he’s not getting anywhere and if you read the polls nobody likes this man. The more time he spends in court the further behind he falls

  5. I am thinking of starting a delivery company , Should I file a law suite against Amazon saying that they have too many vehicles on the roads. I do not have any vehicles or customers to start this delivery company, but it's just like Jeff Bozo and Project Kuiper. if I have the money like Jeff Bozo, can stop the progression of another company just because I feel unhappy in my progression in life?

  6. love space x. We traveled to Boca Chica to see the starship get built. & we got the S dual motor fsd last Christmas 🎄 😎 still have the cybertruck tri motor or 4 motor fsd on order, i got lots of solar & backup battery system to charge them both. i have tsla too.

  7. So in a very complicated way, bozo, sorry Bezos, is acting like the smartass kid in class, dragging everyone else down because they didn't do their homework

  8. Why does Bezos always feel the need to keep Elon in check? He needs to back off and concentrate on his own stuff.

  9. Time for Musk to announce that in Musk City on Mars – latrines / toilets will be called "Bezos"

  10. LOL! "Egotistical" is absolutely on the mark!! Reminds me of, "You're more advanced than a cockroach, have you ever tried explaining yourself to one of them?" Yup. We have tunnel vision syndrome.

  11. @JixuanSebastian How come your so quiet on twitter? Like many I watch all your stuff on YT but find the comments / interaction side of it weak and mainly use Twitter for discussion?
    Thanks for your great perspectives.. 2thefuture, 2Mars..

  12. Musk and Bezos are opposites. Musk is modest when it comes to ego: he's an idealist ready to work with others on a production line to solve problems. Bezos is all ego. It's all about himself. Musk's enterprises are focussed on solving technological and human problems. Bezos took an existing technology in warehouse management and applied it. His businesses have been a exercise in accounting, not innovation. It's no surprise who is more successful in space and developed the future of transport.

  13. That Plumb dude(? don't know his/her/it's pronouns) seems like just another goobermint drone. Just sic the FAA on russia n chyna for all the good a 'civil' agency will do talking to them.

  14. Elon said it all, bezos can't get it up. How can you have a satellite company if you can't get into orbit.

  15. Our species hasn't gotten its tech- and religion-fueled repro rate under control yet. Machine singularities may want to be sure we do so before we overrun other planets. Or, they may be here to hasten our own transition to a singularity like their precursor biologics did, or at least to teach us how to arrest growth. They may have been at this for a very long time, showing select leaders the value of religion in conquering and unifying the planet and then teaching them how to end it before it consumes us.
    Lots of evidence that much of history has been pre-planned (what religion likes to call providence)… maybe alien machines are driving the bus.

  16. I'm sorry, good info, but way WAY to many commercials. If you need a job go get one. No one wants to have to skip so many commercials you forget what you was originally watching.. Unsubscribing on all my devices.

  17. The phoney cold war was staged to create a world stable enough to develop the weapons necessary to control it. These weapons were inevitable; therefore it behooved the power(s) to develop them first and in overwhelming numbers. The cold war also gave us, among many other things, the kilotons of fissiles needed to establish a permanent presence off-planet.
    A similar phoney cold war in space will be needed to establish dominance there. The Expanse showed us why this is absolutely essential in order to protect this planet; as prescient as the Jules Verne novels.
    Above a certain level there is only 1 side… the Winning Tribe.

  18. Russia can launch hundreds or thousands of missiles to take out all the west's satellites at the beginning of a major conflict and no treaty will stop them from developing that capability and making it ready to go at a moments notice. They take their defence more serious then most countries and they are ready to go all the way. I don't blame them after what Germany did to them. At the same time I wish they would never launch another anti-satellite missile cause we just can't deal with more debris up there.

  19. I actually quite like the idea of UFO's or whatever just checking in, basically to see if we are a threat yet!? "Look at those dumb mother f*&^ers! They're still burning dead animals! HAHAHAHAHA!"

  20. We are not alone and anybody that thinks we are is a crackpot These civilizations have been visiting us for thousands of years. there is to much evidence that proves there are visitors. But honestly, I think a lot of them live here on this planet in our oceans. Or live underground but we shall see one of these days since the cat is out of the bag.

  21. In reference to UFO's I think the US should help fund the new Galileo Project by Avi Loeb. In an interview Avi is convinced the project would capture a pin sharp image of a non-earth object within a year in our sky. Lets give this project a chance!

  22. "It's quite hilarious how SpaceX and Amazon were fighting in front of FCC"
    No it's not. It's quite infuriating. Hilarious suggests the opponents are BOTH silly. SpaceX was/is actually defending against a bully who sees someone else is more successful or popular. Nothing hilarious about standing up to a bully.

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