SpaceX STARLINK 2.0 Will Change Everything!


SpaceX Starlink 2.0 Will Change Everything!

Since its operational launch in november 2019, spacex’s starlink has already created quite a scene with more than 30 successful missions, over 1600 active satellites and a $99 price tag. C E O elon musk’s newest major project is one to behold with hopes, to provide high-speed satellite internet across the globe.

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Although it has only existed for a few years, spacex is already looking into launching a second generation starlink network, split into version 1.5 and 2.0.

Nonetheless there’s been quite a bit of confirmed upgrades and changes coming soon to starlink, however, starlink’s future upgrades aren’t nearly as dramatic of an upgrade without understanding, where the project has been so let’s.

Take a look at starlink’s short history before discussing starlink version 2.0, and its new benefits and improvements. In just january 2015, even still will start on february 22nd 2018, with the launch of tintin version 0.1.


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Version 0.1 was taken to space aboard a falcon 9 rocket alongside spain’s paz spy satellite, while that was a random country.

First satellite to piggyback off the final positioning for version 0.1, wasn’t originally planned to rise toward 125 kilometers. Starlink satalite around its original orbit at 500 kilometers, now orbiting in a low earth orbit.

Version 0.1 served as a short experiment for starlink, offering sub-10-minute communications in three ground stations across washington state, and california, but of course speeds were abysmal likely resting, at just a few kilobits or megabits per second.

Nonetheless starlink version 0.1 more than served its purpose, as it worked making starlink an immediate success, with tests having succeeded musk and the spacex team went to work, on starlink version 0 point 9.

Tin tin version expected to last for about 6 to 12 months, before its intentional destruction lined up nicely, with version 0.9 launch with the information from their version 0.1 tests.

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