SpaceX Starhopper Lift Off – 20 Meter Flight Test Successful


What an amazing few days it has been. SpaceX Starhopper Lift Off with a 20 Meter Flight Test Successful! We also saw an interesting attempt at the same mission yesterday which has some nice footage included in this video. On top of all this we also had the incredible CRS-18 mission to the Space station which has launched beautifully with the booster of course making its way back to the landing site to touch down. There are of course a large number of fans out there super eager to cheer SpaceX on and celebrate all they’ve achieved over the last year or so but there is a heck of a lot of people trying to discredit projects such as Starhopper and the Starship prototypes. None of these people of course seem to comprehend how amazing all this is. The fact that SpaceX release all this test footage is just something that people are very unused to seeing. The general public just don’t seem to appreciate that failure and rapid prototypes are a great thing. Lets explore this topic in more detail shall we.



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  1. We are privileged to be able to see all of this testing as it happens. There were years of similar NASA testing for all of their various programs that were kept secret and not open for all to see. Thank you for all of the amazing content.

  2. 2:23: "Again tho not a failure. It was a test, these tests are designed to, you know, test things." I'm ashamed I live in a world where this has to be explained to dumb people…

  3. I do also think that many people do not realize how incredibly amazing SpaceX does it's job and how many giant milestones they have already achieved so far!

  4. Re your opening remarks, probably most of the comments are trolling but it is true that Musk does himself few favours by being so open with information in the development phase of projects. I have worked on some long projects and the reality is that most of the time is spent getting things that don't work properly to work, to the extent that when it is finally finished I can never quite believe it will keep working. But that is inevitabley what happens because there is no point spending time on stuff that works already.

  5. Space X may be about to end single-handedly a nearly 50-year period of dithering, wasted engineering manpower, and lack of progress in developing the resources of the Solar System. This is vital for mankind´s survival. Space X is not there yet and working hard. All the success be for Space X. A single company will be hard-pressed to offset the decades of leadership of incompetent and selfish decisionmakers.

  6. spacex fans like
    on the first successful falcon launch: everyone screaming and crying
    today: oh just another small rocket sucessful started
    today on BFR Test site: everyone screaming and crying

  7. I have followed SpaceX from the early stages. I believe that this company is the spearhead for future innovations of space technology and it's causing other space agencies to follow in its footprints. Also, what I like about SpaceX is that it shares both successes and failures. It allows the general public to see how trial and error learning takes place in an up and coming project, same as we experience in our daily lives. SpaceX doesn't keep everything a secret like some companies do. SpaceX allows the public to witness as much as possible, to share and show, that space exploration and technology are is an important part of public service, as is public transportation.

  8. How to shut down arguments around the "Failure" aspect of testing: Light bulbs took over 800 tries. Your entire life, your job, your wife, your kids, have also had multiple failures before you've achieved any of those. Success comes from failure.

  9. Marcus – THANKS for the vid, bud !
    Consider how many OTHER enterprises inspired by Elon's success, from LEO Space Stations – GATEWAYS (!!!) , to inflatable Habitats, ALL in ACTIVE development, now that SOMEONE (Elon) has ACHIEVED recoverable/reusable Rockets !
    NASA was neutered by the LEFT at the end of the Apollo program … (no worries – I CAN make that case and am fully willing to embarrass anyone willing to go there – that however is NOT my aim.) … and its been 50 years since.
    I NEVER thought I'd see this in my lifetime, and I'm here to see the birth of a new revolution, EASILY on-par with the Industrial Revolution or the Aeronautical Era !
    Folks- this is HUGE ! I'm SO GLAD the top administrator(s) at NASA were just "replaced", as they were presiding over a new round of cost over-runs and DELAYS, CERTAIN it would never happen- and WE JUST WATCHED this !
    FOLKS- WE JUST saw it ! ITS real – AND ITS happening ! Can't wait to share my REAL excitement ! – ALL the BEST to all here – C.

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