SpaceX readies next Starlink launch, Crew Dragon test


SpaceX readies for next Starlink launch, Crew Dragon test
Elon Musk’s SpaceX has an ambitious plan to provide low-cost internet to the entire world — but not everyone is celebrating. However, Musk has a plan to win them over will the third launch of SpaceX Starlink satellites.
Hawthorne-based SpaceX is preparing to launch the first rocket of the New Year from Florida’s Space Coast on Monday, when the company is expected to send a Falcon 9 rocket into orbit with 60 SpaceX Starlink satellites.
The liftoff can be watched live through a SpaceX webcast beginning shortly before the launch window opens at 6:19 p.m. EST Monday from Cape Canaveral’s Complex 40 launch pad.
It will mark the first launch in a packed slate of missions from Cape Canaveral in 2020, which could see more than 30 launches by SpaceX and United Launch Alliance if schedules hold.
The mission will mark the 78th flight of a Falcon 9 rocket since 2010, and the 81st flight of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 family, which includes three launches by the triple-core Falcon Heavy vehicle.
The upcoming launch, the third of its kind for the SpaceX Starlink program, will bring to 180 the number of satellites that so far make up the constellation of small satellites that promise to beam high-speed internet access to every corner of the globe.
In this video Engineering Today will discuss the next two launches by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. One will try to keep SpaceX Starlink’s satellites from blocking the stars and another will be SpaceX crew Dragon test.
Let’s get into details.
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  1. If I were an Astronaut and had a choice of going up to the ISS next week in Boeing's vehicle or waiting for SpaceX, I would wait a year for SpaceX . Throwing money at that company will not make it better.

  2. Nice forecast chart but you only showed temps in Celsius when discussing American temperatures at Blast off from Cape Canaveral (USA) site. What gives? I can understand using Celsius when discussing temperatures at a Russian or European site – But an American site? You had me until you threw up Celsius all over your presentation. No one has mentioned because it Was a good video presentation up to that point.

  3. Who actually wants or need this shite… Elon talks clever words.. but in his efforts continues to deplete the earth and ruin the atmosphere… a wolf in sheeps Clothing after nothing more than a bit more cash..

  4. Spacex will complete all tests and be ready to taxi the Astronauts
    as long as Nasa keeps playing fair and doesn't throw up any more test
    obstacles. Boeing is a great company but they will come in second in this space race!

  5. The Starliner White Sands landing was very cool. Either way NASA will have redundant capability to get astronauts to space and beyond.

  6. If you have a blue laser you can shine it on any one of them satellites and throw off its orbital trajectory and crash it into another one and send it out of orbit we've been knocking them out of the sky here in North Carolina we've taken three of them out so far we're getting tired of seeing them s*** in our telescope

  7. I would have a better chance surviving trying to kill myself than being in a ULA launch. They failed all test so far and thinks they can skip steps. ?‍♂️

  8. Boeing should be focusing on their planes right now and when they can prove they've got that right, then can start worry about space. Something stinks in this deal and i suspect someone has been given a paper bag full of cash to make sure the decision doesn't go the way of SpaceX

  9. When can I sign up for the internet service? Verizon is charging me way too much! Elon Musk is a great genius, a modern day Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison combined!

  10. Obviously you stretch these out to hit the magic 10min mark for ad-related reasons, but this video and many others are WAY longer than they need to be. I think these videos would be much better if they were compressed to 3-5mins and could be done so easily.

  11. While SpaceX has the cargo dragon, it shares little with the Crew Dragon. Boeing, on the other hand has a history of involvement with manned space flight going back to the 1960's.

  12. Seems that there's always an excuse for Boeing regarding some failure in it's rocket technology. They have not been as willing to share both their successes and failures as SpaceX does. SpaceX is actually educating the public about how testing is conducted and how difficult it is to research and develop a successful rocket technology program. Yet, still, SpaceX shares its findings with the general public, just about step by step, of course, with out revealing sensitive company data or information internal interests. Anyway, SpaceX allows the public nice to know information, not need to know, and it also supports social interaction between it and the public at large.

  13. Should probably re-purpose a lot of that NASA and Boeing funding. NASA is so ineffective in it's current iteration and Boeing…..

  14. Yeah, I'm psyched to launch Astronauts to the space station….something the Russians can do easlily, damn near monthly,…and their abort system works!, and something we did in the Freaking 60's!!!…yeah, exciting, we're almost back to where we were aprx 60 years ago!!…yeah real exciting…pethetic.

  15. One day low Earth orbit satellite constellations will be completely surrounding our Planet, whether SpaceX puts them up or other companies. Plans have been in the works for quite a while now. Seems like astronomers should have probably pushed for legislation to block this sooner if they wanted to keep the skies clear

  16. It is my understanding that the ISS will be deorbited. It seems to me that the ISS or its modules could be put in orbit around the moon. It could be used as a storage station. It would require some creative thinking, but that is what Spacex does best.

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