SpaceX Raptor Engine COMPLETELY Humiliation Blue Origin BE4 Engine.


SpaceX Raptor Engine COMPLETELY Humiliation Blue Origin BE4 Engine.

Spacex and blue origin have been competing with each other, for many spacecrafts and commercial contracts. Both the companies are developing there next generation rocket, But spacex is the leading space company has made many rocket engines, since its launch in 2002.

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A few months ago spacex completed its 100th raptor engine, this extraordinary milestone was achieved in just 29 months, a little over two years blue origin’s rocket engine’s development started, work on the be 4 engine since 2011.

Importantly, they said the be4 would be ready for flight by 2017, but at this very moment blue origin’s powerful be4 engine is more than four years late.

The first flight test of the new engine is now expected no earlier than 2022, on the vulcan rocket, this is a big problem and we need to talk about it. So how did blue origin’s be4 turn into a joke, whereas spacex’s raptor is the leading example of the industry.

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First how has be4 gone through almost a decade of failure, this was their first engine to combust liquid oxygen, and liquefied natural gas propellants.

It was initially planned for the engine to be used exclusively, on a blue origin proprietary launch vehicle new glenn, the company’s first orbital rocket.

However it was announced in 2014, that the engine would also be used on the united launch alliance, vulcan centaur launch vehicle.

The successor to the atlas v launch vehicle, this was labeled a stunner choice the company planned to begin full-scale engine testing, in late 2016, and expected to complete the development of the engine in 2017.

However, the first engine was not fully assembled until march 2017, also in march united launch alliance indicated that, the economic risk of the blue origin engine selection option had been retired.


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  1. Price overruns and delays with substandard performance…Blue Origin's tax payer funded joke.

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