SpaceX Orbital Starship almost ready to return to Launch Pad | Musk Rejects Blue Origin’s Claims


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SpaceX Orbital Starship almost ready to return to Launch Pad | Musk Rejects Blue Origin’s Claims

Hello Friends, Welcome to Engineering Today and once again, we are back with some latest space updates. We will be starting with the starship and super heavy returning to the orbital launch pad next week, then Musk orbital refuelling plans for the starship moon lander. Lastly, SpaceX will launch a cubesat that livestream ads from space. There are tons of information to share today, so let’s begin our first update.


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  1. i've ordered the tri motor fsd cybertruck & all i can say is, GO ELON! NO ONE CAN DO WHAT YOU HAVE DONE & WILL KEEP DOING..!!! >>>JEFF WHO??<<< Oh, a jealous Billionaire!!(SORE LOSER) shame on JEFFERY for suing NASA for being beat by the best space ship now in hard working & very successfully supplying the ISS & astronauts, startlink, boring company, tesla cars

  2. All these tanker flights is a major issue. GAO is right. By using the rocket equation, starships empty weight (100 tons) and the need for about 9 km/s in delta V, Isp of 378, then we see that GAO is right and Zubrin has been right all the time; he said it needs at least 11 tanker flight for almost no payload. The lunar starship should have a third stage made for landing. That is why Zubrin talked about a mini starship. The current starship design is only good for LEO.

  3. Thanx steve i really do understand that but what is doing my head in is refeuling 7 times to go to moon once u fire a rocket in space u can turn it off and it wiil go at that speed lets talk about moon but once it gets half way the esrth is still stopping it so it has to reach speed of 24,000 mph to break the earths gravity now onve it gets into the moons pull u can turn the rocket off and it will go all the way then they have to slow it down once it reaches the moon then it still needs fuel to land ok we either leave the ship on the moon how come when we went to moon in 69 i was around, i was 23 we didnt need to fill up gee if we go to mars how many times would we have to fuel i dont get it all the robots in mars it has to nuclear in my mind am i right or wrong mate i just love the size of space ship

  4. That’s a lot of plumbing. Seems like a lot can go wrong. I hope it all goes well, but I’m a bit nervous.

  5. lol, "per pixel." Someone will buy the whole screen and sell out 1/16th chunks.

  6. Just think how big a space station can be if your sending up in starship or 2.0 much bigger cargo and weight capacity !

  7. I still haven't seen yet how they plan to exit the Starship once they reach their destination

  8. Its the internet dude. I guarantee that 4chan is gonna advertise something on that thing. That or spam it like they did the business convention.

  9. …. not sure I understand it properly at this point. What I am getting is a billboard in the sky, gotta say am not keen on that concept …. there have recently bin headlines along the lines of NASA not sure how to dispose of, now thinking about it, was it "space lab" or was it " ISS". Anyhow took it as wanting to remove and replace antiquated sections … Space-X talked of gobbling up space junk and returning it to earth … maybe this is a contract that is already in the wings for Star-Ship test flights …. as always .. never stop dreaming, just dream bigger .. have fun be safe, save our oceans ….

  10. The other 2 competitors of space-x beg nasa for money but the problem is they still cannot prove they can go into space , it’s not because they go at 100KM for few minutes that they go into space .
    Space-x sent every 2 week a rocket with a minimum of 60 starlink satellite plus other satellite and that is since the last 2 years . The other 2 one still doesn’t go into space ….

  11. I just find it so dumb u have to fuel starship 7 times to go to moon why why not just send a rocket up with extra tanks strapped on too rocket and then when starship gets up there it can strap them to ship just seems stupid why did we go to moon in 69 we didnt have to do this i dont get it shit if we went to mars how many refuels that would be WTF this cant work and if it dies so complicated not as smart as i thought they were

  12. One thing no one has talked about, the crew of starship will need to regularly check the haul for damage through out the flight, especially when the outer wall is the only thing holding propellant

  13. Concern: Moon landing target date 2024? Valve component issues, Orion won't be ready until at least 2025. NASA, habitually over budget, behind schedule. Peace

  14. If they strap 3 boosters together like Falcon Heavy, they can avoid refuelling starship. Maybe

  15. The next flight is going to be a huge step.
    There may be important setbacks.

  16. i sincerely hope that in the future we do not have to look up at the night sky and see cola advertisements. to me, that would be a horrible outcome for the commercialization of space. i really do hope our wonderful natural night sky does not become a billboard.

  17. A Lunar Starship also doesn't need Sea Level Raptors, just Raptor Vacuums, so that's a weight saving.

  18. This is the first time I've heard a HLS flight plan that excluded the ridiculous lunar gateway.

  19. I want to own one of those heat shield tiles. They should do a limited run down the line for collectors tiles lol.

    Love the content, great as always! Thanks!

  20. In case anybody wants to know, you can skip almost every ad if you have ad personalization turned on in the google settings. Just click that “i” button, and click “stop seeing this ad.” You can give a reason if you want, but I don’t. Fuck youtube.

  21. Seems odd to me they'd have the booster on the pad while they're trying to install the QD and catch mechanisms.

  22. Gee, one of my senators is going to be unhappy with the GAO. She was the one who pushed for more money so BO had another chance. BO hasn't put a full booster and payload into orbit. Everybody wows about their few suborbital flights, but SpaceX is running commercial orbital flights with happy customers.

  23. The ORION capsule is useless! You might as well put the astronauts directly in Starship with a Falcon 9 and Dragon.

    This is what will happen if the NASA TRICK explodes …

    And on the way back, a Dragon takes them back and bittersweet without any problem.


    La capsule ORION ne sert à rien ! Autant mettre les astronautes directement dans Starship avec une Falcon 9 et Dragon.

    C'est ce qui se passera si le TRUC de la Nasa explose…

    Et au retour, une Dragon les reprends et amérie sans problème.


  24. Thank you Mr. Musk breath, for saying no to Blue Origin saves an embarrassment later

  25. I imagine this is how people felt for the first moon landing. It’s amazing.

  26. You are doing so much better, no need for clickbait headlines like most do. Well done subbed

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