SpaceX Next Starship Very Close Behind Epic Test Flight | ESA Ariane 6 Rocket Runs Into More Delay


SpaceX Next Starships Very Close Behind Epic Test Flight | ESA Ariane 6 Rocket Runs Into More Delay

SpaceX is now preparing its Starship SN8 model for the first high altitude flight test. It will be a big leap for SpaceX’s starship program as SN8 will attempt to reach an altitude of 15 km (about 50,000 feet), thus there is no guarantee of success. These first time tests have fifty-fifty chances as it may or may not be successful. The flight test of SN8 could end up destroying the prototype. SpaceX is planning to counter that risk with its upcoming starship prototypes.

“A RUD (rapid unscheduled disassembly, AKA an explosion) right off Launchpad is also possible. Fortunately, SN9 is almost ready,” Musk stated on Saturday.
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  1. NASA Admin Jim B. is leaving NASA because of the "Incoming Administration". He was one of the BEST Admins ever. Politics ended Dads Job in 1974. Dad launched Buzz, Neil, and 22 other Astronauts. This is garbage!

  2. So SpaceX developed a human rated rocket from the ground up for less money than the ESA, which has about 5 decades of experience of launching rockets, needs for a cargo only rocket, that will most likely not be able to compete on price for commercial launches. As a European I am a fan of all cooperation in Europe (and around the world), but those costs and delays scream inefficiency because of political reasons to me.

  3. SpaceX with reused launch boosters and other reusable components makes the one use/throw away/disposable launch systems obsolete.

    Spending billions, just to throw it away, is by any account total madness. NASA persists in funding missions with throwaway launch systems. Also, the non-spacex Artemis moon landing craft don't look any more modern than the 60 year old apollo missions.

    Elon Musk is the Henry Ford of the space industry, but also the automobile, truck, battery, internet industries too.

  4. The upgrade of the ESA launch pad was a better investment than Ariane.

    They should develop a new Deep Space Network using lasers. An interplanetary Starlink. The current one is too slow. If we could receive video from the probes and rovers, we would have better public support for robotic missions. It makes no sense to spend 10 times more money with human missions when we can use robots.

  5. REMEMBER Y'ALL…RUD=success. RUD's gather info. Many of us (including the narrator in this video) sound like they think RUD's amount to less progress being made.
    (Isn't it even true in most of our fields; that "failure" is necessary for ultimate success? As a painter, much of my canvas ends up in the trash.)

  6. I like the content of these videos but I wish whoever writes the copy would avoid the use of 'as per.' Maybe I'm just a schoolmarm but I find it distracting.

  7. ESA is kidding itself. Blaming Covid-19 for delays. Pathetic! Hasn't slowed down SpaceX. Ariane 6 looks like another dog of a throw away rocket. Europe's answer to Boeing's overpriced SLS. Back to the drawing board guys. The future is in reusability. Get with the program.

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