SpaceX Mechazilla Action, Starlink, Russian EVA, Tonga Volcano Eruption, Gilmour Space


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Today we have a bursting tank, new plans submitted for the massive SpaceX development facility at the cape, and some SpaceX Mechazilla Action. We had some amazing shots from the Starlink mission that were quite unique, a Russian EVA at the international space station, footage of the staggering Tonga Volcano Eruption from space, and the largest rocket engine ever developed in Australia with Gilmour Space. Yep. You heard that right. Australia is finally making an orbital class rocket.

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Nick Henning – Full Starship Animation

& NASAs simulation of the Lunar South Pole

Scott Manley – Volcanic Eruption May Be Biggest Ever Seen From Space

SpaceX Roberts Road engineering plans:

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  1. How do people feel about the thousands of Starlink sats being launched, added to the thousands of other satellites too from another company (can't remember their name). I have a few problems with this system It's causing major problems for surface astronomy sites. Also it fills the skies for launches too, the likely-hood of a collision with other launches is rising all the time.

  2. If they actually wanna catch the booster, my prediction is 3 months.
    …Of clearing the wreckage of the launch site.
    And then another year to rebuild everything.

    The endeavor is statistically insane, and i can not believe that no head engineer there slapped musk in the face and resigned when they were told to go through with this, because they would all be without a job anyway if they go through with it, because spaceX will have huge layoffs.

    Let's do a bit of thinking:
    -The chopsticks don't move much. At all. They are slow as hell and can't adjust to the trajectory of the booster in the timeframe of the landing.
    -Starship never managed a landing as precise as what they would need for the booster, always landing a bit off target.
    -Starship altogether only managed to land safely once. We don't even know if they can repeat that, not to mention under different conditions.
    -Superheavy is less aerodynamic than starship. This could make maneuvering it more challenging.
    -It still took Starship 5 attempts to manage one landing.
    -Superheavy has loads more fuel than Starship leading to a bigger explosion.
    -Starship landed on a concrete pad, Superheavy will land in the middle of sensitive launch tower equipment, chopstick equipment, launch table equipment, and tank farm equipment. Vehicles took a few months to build, these things took well over a year.

    If after all this training legs aren't installed or the booster doesn't attempt its first landing in water, it would be insane.

  3. There is 3 issues Mechazilla has to deal with, the first major, is the Starship Launch Stand, it needs to be featured to split into 2(two) fast slide draw bridges. Second, it also needs a Blast Tunnel, even if you raise the Stand to avoid that burrowing task of a tunnel, the Stamd will risk getting incinerate by the magnitude of the Beasts booster thrust, which can scale damage up high to the rocket first canister stage.

    Suggestions? This may require doing away with any bottom Stand (during launch), such as only a supported suspention Chopstix holding the full craft up right, while 2(two) Claws to balance the top & bottom stage tins.

    A rocket stand is traditional for a launch, but not inevadable. The third issue, is the Chopsticks may need to REACH extend, expanding the mid catch ratio of these metalic space whales, they are not holding squids in their belly.

  4. Can any body answer, how do the hold-down clamps not get locked in place from restraining the rocket's gazillion of tons of thrust before launch?

  5. Marcus, at 7:28 you rightly say you don't understand what's going on with the cargo bay door hinges. Good on you mate, but it is quite clear that a door of these dimensions are meant to provide cargo to the surface of a world (Mars, the Moon) and not delivering satellites into Earth orbit. You should discuss this.

  6. Marcus, at 5:46 you say "along with the clamps to hold it all down". This has been confusing me for a while now. There doesn't seem to be any "hold down" clamps anywhere in the launch table. Supports? Yes. Hold downs? No. But the full stack needs to be held down during the ignition phase because the engines don't come to full thrust instantly, or come to full thrust all at the same time. So they need clamp downs. Where are they?

  7. Was this test tank 3.6 mm? Test to failure. Interestingly, I've seen work order sheets on many units lately that said "3.6mm". Talk to us Marcus. Is SpaceX seriously trying to go for 3.6mm? That would save a lot of tonnes. Is this why Booster 5 and others have been relegated to scrap?

  8. Talk to us about the 3.6 mm rings and subsequent test articles Marcus. What's going on here? Which test articles at that thickness have survived or exploded? And under what circumstances? The last test article that exploded seemed to have ripped along a horizontal joint that had a perforated join. Like a zipper. What is that all about?

  9. Marcus, you have to compare the mass of a suicide landing burn, including the mass of the fuel and the landing gear, against the mass of the fuel spent to hover before the chopsticks catch. And of course you have to backtrack that to the efficiency of getting your payload to orbit. I haven't seen any full discussion about that from you, Scott Manley, or @SpaceX. Honestly, I haven't done the math on this, but my gut tells me there's something wrong here.

  10. I think we can all guess Roberts road is a more finished model of Boca chica. Facility for assembling rings from large spools of metal with stacking following next. Two more buildings being smaller which seem to be vertical assembly buildings possibly. As I recall the VAB has a bay that is open for lease.

  11. I can't stop wondering why they let all that equipment stick around when the tank exploded. It messed up the portable lavatories and a bunch of other stuff. Makes me wonder if it was a stress-to-failure test, or was it a test that failed when they weren't expecting it to?

  12. I’d like to see SpaceX do a short test of Superheavy from the Starbase launch mount. Then return to the launch mount and get caught by the chopsticks. I’m eager to see Superheavy hovering just above the chopsticks.

    This could be followed by a full orbital test of Superheavy+ship from the Starbase launch mount. Then return both to the launch mount and get caught by the chopsticks.

  13. As someone who grew up in Bowen about 30km from the Abbot Point facility I would never have imagined I'd see rockets being launched there. It makes perfect sense because the weather is often very clear, especially during winter. Fingers crossed it gets the green light 🤞🤞

  14. NASA is riding the SpaceX all the way to the top.
    In 2007 NASA released a report stating it would cripple the world's economy to build a rocket system to go to space
    477 Trillion total dollars spent and NASA still can't launch a man to space. FACT

  15. If it does work it will work like crap. Everything must work perfectly, or shit will go south fast. There is little if any margin for error. This thing will be plagued with problems, before they eventually ditch the whole concept.

  16. 160 tons stage hitting Mechazilla with 0.25 m/s is equivalent to 1 tons tube hitting it with 40 m/s. Will Mechazilla and first stage survive?

  17. Notice at 18:13 of the video, part of the combustion bell breaks away. Thermal expansion probably the cause. Interesting…….

  18. Wow. So many remarkable points Marcus. I will need to watch it again.
    Elon might just leave Boca Chica as an RnD Centre!
    Go Go Gilmour Space!

  19. Brilliant as usual. Question. Does the mechazilla have capture of steel to steel, or is there some cushioning?🇦🇺

  20. Marcus great video! But I am wondering though, I see and understand you are stoked about your own launcher capability! Now more simultaneous development and bit of competition of course is exciting and can accelerate development… but wouldn't teaming up (for instance with businesses in nz) lead to faster progression? Isn't it a bit reinventing the wheel?

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