SpaceX Makes Major Changes To Starlink

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SpaceX Makes Major Changes To Starlink Satellite System, the first reported FSD beta crash, Elon Musk loves paying taxes, more convenience coming to the Tesla supercharger network and more in this week’s Tesla news and update video!

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Welcome to the Tesla Space, where we share the latest news, rumors, and insights into all things Tesla, Space X, Elon Musk, and the future! We’ll be showing you all of the new details around the Tesla Model 3 2021, Tesla Model Y 2021, along with the Tesla Cybertruck when it finally arrives, it’s already ordered!


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0:00 Intro
0:25 Starlink Upgrade
2:39 Supercharger Network Milestone
3:44 First FSD Beta Crash
6:47 Sponsor
8:05 More Shortages
10:27 Elon Offers To Pay More Taxes

  1. What are your thoughts on the first alleged FSD beta crash reported to the NHTSA? Let us know below!

  2. the us gov has zero debt dumb dumb ,it pays for what it wants in dollars.we the people benefit from the other side of that spending

  3. Here is my opinion, ANYONE USING ANY SELF DRIVING SYSTEM ARE IDIOTS! Can someone purchase a new Tesla without the self driving feature and if so pay less for the car?

  4. #ufotwitter Only criminals and trolls ignore my sensational discovery and my law of January 17th, 1995. Johann Zdebor Discoverer and contact holder of extraterrestrial star spaceships since January 17th, 1995, finally wakes up.
    #ufotwitter Nur Kriminelle und Trolle ignorieren meine sensationelle Entdeckung und mein Gesetz vom 17.1.95. Johann Zdebor Entdecker und Kontakt Halter außerirdischer Stern-Raumschiffe seit dem 17.1.95, wacht endlich auf.

  5. Will the new Tesla phone work off star link? Hopefully they will have package deals with internet and cellular

  6. Tesla should sue anyone who falsely tries blaming FSD for them having an accident. It’s impossible for the car to overpower the user as has been claimed.

  7. No question it is blame-shifting. Inattentiveness and inappropriate beta tester behaviour.

  8. Bought an X7 40i in July, ordered it actually since none exist on dealer lots, and it arrived with the charging pads being non-functional as well. To BMW’s credit they did compensate me $400 dollars at the point of delivery with an explanation as to why the wireless charging pad did not work. Still sucks though, especially on a vehicle like the X7, but honestly in my case at least, 1st world problem. But…yeah I’d be irritated too if the ports were just left empty like that.

  9. I’m happy when Elon calls the politicians on their BS. The government pulls in trillions of dollars a year in taxes, yet, it’s billionaire’s fault that we’re in so much debt and have inequality… 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Definitely not the fault of Bernie’s co-senators who have conflict of interest stocks in companies that take advantage of the American people… 🙄

  10. If you put an order in before the hardware upgrade and are on the waiting list will it automatically update your order for the new hardware??

  11. I love Elon. The man goes against Democrats head strong. Doesn't support Bernie and nor Biden. Biden had made things so hard for all of us and especially for business out there. Elon knows this and is why he stays on the edge against the Biden administration and cant blame him. Just politicians acting like jackals and pointing out the rich for such money when hundreds of government workers sit in chair and make 150k to 250k annually. Hypocrisy has in gulfed this nation through Joe and it will spread to others which is the bad thing. Donald Trump is the best president and I am a electric lover and follower, don't need a party or man to say they support one thing in common interest with me in electric future in order for me to vote on their political BS. I like a man who is straight forward and means it unlike spineless Bernie that jumps parties.

  12. The pads are just not connected. Already seen multiple videos fixing this. When they tried connecting it the cords seemed hooked up but weren't. Just press in til you hear a click

  13. Ordered mine in March, I live in the country and have no viable options! Patiently waiting☹️

  14. Oh no you don't, you can't say inches anymore. So what are the measurements again.? Because not everybody will understand what you're saying. I understand, but others won't. So you've got to give both measurements.

  15. All the worst techno-developments for humanity start with the justification of "convenience." After Starlink is an accepted norm, it will be used for surveillance and control.

  16. sanders and that other baby are just straight jealous of someone else is doing so much better than there are …and just like there slave masters the more the losers cry the more Musk is greater than they are ….so grow up sanders and other baby and just shut your pie hole and face it you are nothing compare to Musk and will never be any more than a cry baby like your masters

  17. Elon should donate Boxabl fold-out tiny homes for the UN hunger bureaucrats to live in.

  18. I have seen doctor know it all easily overpower the fsd several times. It's a bloke who doesn't want to pay up for not being a good betatester

  19. Why doesn't starship flaps rotate so that as it comes in for re-entry it doesn't have to do the belly flop movement to slow down. It just rotates so that the flaps face the ground to produce drag and not have to flip at the last seccond

  20. I’m almost positive at some point Elon said that a person can over power the steering wheel at some point.

  21. I sold "Satellite Dishes" door to door in rural areas for Home Cable Concepts. This is the best news I have ever heard in my life. Now everyone can get Cable TV in all parts of the world. Thank you, Elon Musk. – TAV ♥️

  22. If Starlink can provide business internet services at less cost than Spectrum, I support private investment

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