SpaceX launches space tug & Starlink satellites, nails landing

SpaceX launched 51 Starlink satellites and Spaceflight’s Sherpa-LTC (orbital transfer vehicle) from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida on Sept. 4, 2022. The rocket’s first landed on the “Just Read the Instructions” drone ship several minutes later. Full Story:

Credit: SpaceX


  1. Space X should be allowed to take over the next Moon Landing 🌚 , much cheaper plus they re use most of the equipment, nasa seems to throw away either into space or burn up earth's atmosphere 🤔

  2. So is the rocket heavy enough on the bottom it doesn’t move or do
    They use clamps to keep it from tipping over if seas get rough on the way back to port ?

  3. Wish I could turn off commentary. I like watching these lift offs and the the rocket noise, You can hear the call outs. Thats enough.

  4. Every guy could use a good ol fashioned "Space Tug" from his wife every now and again am I right ✅️??

  5. DAMN!! A few months ago, MECO was filmed from the ground in a night time launch. It was amazing!! A visual circle of rainbow colors expanded out to a diameter more than ten times the diameter of the Falcon booster. I'm really tired of seeing the main booster fall away from inside the second stage. Ho -Hum!

  6. I have one hope with Starlink, and that is to get the mbps I was first getting of 300 mbps rather than what I’m now getting, usually under 100 mbps! 😐

  7. Space tugs? Nice! Can’t wait for space ships, space stations and governments Space Port Authorities making money with their BS docking charges ect..

  8. Wow!!! I never knew that rockets could return to the launching pad!! That is crazy wild innovation!! Yes, I live under a rock. 🤣 So cool!!!

  9. It's exciting to know that in a few years we see starts and landings of the Starship as regular as the Falcon 9 launches.

  10. I'm old enough to remember the Mercury and Gemini missions. IMHO what SpaceX is doing on a routine basis is amazing.

  11. I was there on the causeway last night, what a beautiful launch. I was surprised to know you can see the entry burn just above the horizon

  12. So here’s a crazy idea. Why does starship need to be crew rated when these falcons have nailed the human rating component. Why can’t these become the to/from shuttles to the fleet of super heavy which stay in orbit and are used to ferry mass up to orbit. They then form a flexible space station that can shuttle between the moon and other planets.

  13. When are they going to launch SpaceGarbo, to pick up all the Starlink junk Musk has strewn the sky with?

  14. SpaceX launches and landings are now becoming as routine as jetliners taking off and landing. What an accomplishment.
    If this was a 'race to Space' like the Indy500, then Boeing Starliner and Blue Origin have been stuck at the starting line for 140 races…
    Boeing's emphasis on 'financial restructuring' is clearly pocket-padding for the new CEO and his pals while producing nothing that works.

  15. …meanwhile government funded Nasa delaying over fuel leakage. Granted they are dealing with lives, vs unmanned technology.