SpaceX launches first Starlink batch of 2022, nails booster landing


SpaceX launched 49 new Starlink satellites from Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Jan. 6, 2022. The first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket landed on the “A Shortfall of Gravitas” drone ship minutes later in the Atlantic Ocean. Full Story:

Credit: SpaceX

  1. Ok Elon…. Clearly we all want better views of the first stage landing. Easy challenge ….. right???

  2. I so enjoy watching the booster landings, it's the closest thing to my childhood memories of what space exploration would be – ONLY why is the video always so, so crappy???

  3. 5:22 min left image, left lower part, is that an ufo? 🙂 If not then why did they change the image quickly? Just wondering.

  4. UFO at T+00:05:12 exactly into the whole launch, watch left screen left side of that stabilizer, they cut feed not long after it shows up.

  5. UFO at T+00:05:12 exactly into the whole launch, watch left screen left side of that stabilizer, they cut feed not long after it shows up.

  6. Just so Amazing the progress I've seen in my lifetime .Since watching the Astronauts go to the Moon. I never thought going into space would become a regular thing. I'm blown away Thank You SpaceX

  7. What is so special about this? The Russians and Chinese are doing this already for years. Dah…nothing new.

  8. Starlink is a way of militarization space by USA hiding behind Musk and internet excuse. It is creating spies satellites network around the world with amount of satellites that will USA allow to use them as weapon to strike other space objects as satellites, space stations or Earth targets.

  9. remember 21-6- throw stiks and stones and call me bad names. but much wore jump from a burning building. really the facts

  10. Go go go go gone!!!!!
    Good , good , nice !!!
    We have clapping!!!
    We are getting much better!
    Nice voice! Thank you!

  11. Please come inside in the Philippines, I'm begging you elon musk, because internet here is do fkn slow😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺

  12. You do have to wonder about the level of intelligence that would have somebody think they needed to explain how the booster gets soot on it

  13. i really really really don't understand why a multi multi-million dollar space organization can not find a way to have awsome video footage of their booster rocket landing… this is the coolest thing in the world to see and you all are really screwing this up… no other country does this landing thing and you guys seem to nail it every time but the footage is unusable… you have the tecnology of landing a booster rocked but you don't have the technology to film it in a way that we can see it… come on… i don't believe the excuses…

  14. This must be one of the cheapest F9 mission — 1st stage reused, both fairing reused! Man if only it was possible to reuse the 2nd stage

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