SpaceX launch Starship SN15, people around reacting violently for not receiving a warning of danger.


SpaceX launch Starship SN15, people around reacting violently for not receiving a warning of danger.#STARSHIPFANS

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Hello everyone, Welcome to the latest SpaceX Starship updates video from SpaceX Fans.
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1.Federal Aviation Administration Approves SpaceX’s Next Three Starship Test Flights In South Texas.
2. Why would the residents of Boca Chica Village not receive Alert notice?
3. SpaceX aces 25th Starlink launch and delivers 1500th Starlink satellite to orbit.
4.Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin will soon begin selling tickets for rides on its space tourism rocket.

As previously discussed on Teslarati, several sources suggest that Starlink-24 will kick off an extremely busy May and June launch manifest for SpaceX.
Including Starlink-24, that means that SpaceX appears to have up to eight Falcon 9 launches scheduled in the next seven weeks and possibly even a ninth or tenth mission in the last two weeks of June. Starlink-24 is SpaceX’s 12th launch this year, leaving the company firmly on track to complete at least 36 orbital launches in 2021 – nearly 40% more than its current record of 26 launches completed in 2020.
The announcement’s video features Bezos going out to the capsule of New Shepard after the company’s test flight earlier this month. It shows him driving across the Texas desert, the remote location of the New Shepard launch facility – notably at the wheel of a Rivian R1T electric truck, which is emblazoned with Blue Origin’s signature feather.
SpaceX launch Starship SN15, people around reacting violently for not receiving a warning of danger.
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  1. This guys headline is exactly why I’m not a subscriber
    It’s sad that he has the views he has. CLICK BAIT CENTRAL!!!!!!!!

  2. Space X is now sending astronauts to ISS, and Blue Origin has yet to launch a first real person to just above the Karman line. Gradatim Ferociter my ass, lol.

  3. It is a matter of time before the entire area will be turn to Eminent domain by US gov. As soon as Starship lands people on Moon. Im not kidding. Any place that is capable of building functional rocket to move people and large cargo all over Solar System will invoke area 52 status.

  4. You don’t even care about Starship. Just getting views. Bullshit news with click bait. For actual awesome updates by amazing people, What About It, and Marcus House, and Engineering Today are where it’s at!

  5. Spacex Fans- this is total click-bait. The thumbnail photo is absolutely misrepresenting what the facts of the issue are.. Shame on you- thumbs down and I won't be back…

  6. Rockets to nowhere ????Nasholes will never showed the martian night sky because it would demonstrate that their props are somewhere on our beautiful stationary flat Earth ?also ask an ACTORNUT ?‍? why they can't get high enough to show you the whole non CGI Blue marble ??

  7. Hi space fans that was great information about space x and blue origin at first it will cost a lot of money these new adventures do then
    After a bit thy will go down have a great day David ??❤️??

  8. max they can maker 1.5 mill per .. the launch costs more than that.. what kind of business model is this ???? Space x just received 3 billion from nasa…… bezos is nuts

  9. SpaceX will not be sending out launch notices because SpaceX vehicles will not be exploding mid-flight, thus there is no concern of debris falling out of the skies.

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