SpaceX Just Revealed Starship's NEW Unique Design for Starlink satellites…


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SpaceX Just Revealed Starship’s NEW Unique Design for Starlink satellites…
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SpaceX, after several weeks of work and occasional glimpses of the hardware and installation process, has outfitted part of its next Starship prototype with a truly unique Starlink satellite dispenser.
How specifically?
Let’s find out in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

The pathfinder of Starship’s latest prototype is quite different.
First, the device installed inside what appears to be the steel rings Starship S24’s nosecone will eventually be stacked on top of is almost nothing like any satellite deployment adapter observed in the past or present. The rectangular framework SpaceX craned inside of the barrel-like section of five steel rings – a cylinder measuring around 9m x 9m – about two weeks ago looked rudimentary and lacked any obvious moving parts, generating some ambiguity. Based on its apparent dimensions, the frame could likely extend anywhere from 10-15m up into Ship 24’s nosecone before the diameter would get too narrow for it to continue.
If it was a satellite deployment adapter, which most expected it to be, it was nothing like any other common adapter – including SpaceX’s own unusual present-day Starlink deployment method. It wasn’t until March 24th that SpaceX spun the nose barrel around, revealing an unusual cutout akin to a giant mail slot. At that point, it became clear that Ship 24’s nose had been fitted with a Starlink satellite deployment mechanism akin to a giant PEZ dispenser.
SpaceX Just Revealed Starship’s NEW Unique Design for Starlink satellites…
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  1. Soo a giant rocket powered satellite pen dispenser.

    Why reinvent the wheel. Open a large payload door and be done with it in a easy fashion.

  2. Hi great 👍 space x that was a great 👍 video of the space industry plenty of new ideas 💡 going on there David 🚀🙏🇬🇧👽👍

  3. Dude. Cylinders are not measured in X by X meters, this is for a rectangle. You give the radius and height. @0:46

  4. This will be the world largest vending machine after the VW and BMW car vending machines in Munich Germany.

  5. GO the PEZ dispenser !!! I wonder if some enterprising industry (PEZ) will manufacture a model.

  6. Granting BO a "backup" contract worth double the award given to SpaceX for Starship was too hard a sell even for the professional liars in congress, so they came up with a "new" contest which BO will promptly win at the "discount" price they would have re-offered in the previous competition.

  7. Good video thank you for giving us real updates and not just making a video for the sake of making a video with some clickbait title and no new updates. I appreciate you not doing that to us.

  8. I don’t know about you all but are you all getting tired of hearing about the first woman or the first person of color or this first or that first in regards to human beings doing what you were supposed to do and we’re just sick of the gender criticizing and the milestones trying to be created by individuals and not as a one whole by humanity…

    Knock this crap off people who’s ever doing it, humanity doesn’t get separated in between black white Asian African Spanish or Italian Russian or German it’s humanity saving it’s kind and there’s no place for racial division or obstacles or importance one over the other…

  9. Your channel logo is small. So for some reason my eyes breeze past your video in my notifications list.
    (I try to provide feedback to my favourite channels. Stay safe, stay metric. )
    I was hoping you would cover the chaos at Roscosmos. Angry Astronaut just released one.

  10. That's pretty interesting their going try fly and launch satellites from their first orbital flight or they're going fling them test samples out during the sub orbital flight. SpaceX must be really confident their going fly this bird one way or another this year. Starlink 2.0 pretty darn important as is Starship, since they just announced Crew Dragon capsules are no longer going to be in production.

  11. "Dinner plate size"… these Americans want to use any measurement before using metric, aren't they?

  12. SpaceX needs to be able to send filled tanks to earth AND lunar orbit. Then their HLS can shuttle indefinitely from/to lunar surface. Just tanks as cargo, and leave them orbiting .
    Or, for the more advantageous, they need an “orbiting service tower”, where O2 and CH4 containers can be docked. This way dozens of payloads can be lifted up, before a starship with remote destination is launched, instead of people/cargo having to wait for re-filling.
    The most valuable part of booster or starship are the engines, not the tanks. While those engines are needed for the hardest part: escaping earth surface.

  13. Regarding FAA delays, I would wager that the FAA is waiting for SpaceX to 'deposit' the appropriate amount of squeeze to get its required certification. Welcome to big government foot-dragging.

  14. The FAAis not the problem. It's other gov agencies-epa, maybe interior. If starship blew up like the N1 (comparable) Brownsville would suffer damage. This is not just about airspace.

  15. So is the voting on Starship launch and testing at Boca Chica over or is the FAA still taking opinions? I suppose only those voters who actually live in the vicinity, or who claim to be environmentalists will be counted. Maybe a promise to support the current administration’s reelection would help.

  16. A Starlink dispenser will be awesome! This however will specialize this Ship and can't be utilized for other purposes unless it is removable.

  17. the PEA team is a waste of taxpayers' dollars, how long does it take to provide a go/no-go assessment, seriously…

  18. REALLY? Space-X needs the FEDs permission to go to the moon? When did the moon get claimed in the name of the United States? It might be time for Space-X to tell the FAA to pound sand. If the local people are good with the launch, then they should launch.

  19. Fantastic animation. My hope is SpaceX mounts a camera so we can watch the deployment of the satellites as it happens. It will also be interesting to see how the satellites expand once they are deployed. Great video.

  20. this is a great idea. I had a thought that the slot should be better place near the rocket area, than near the nose, to act also as future exit points for people and other cargo near mars/moon surface. The slot needs to be closer to the ground, to reduce the distance people need to exit the ship to the surface

  21. LOL, is that.. a grain bin, oh my mistake it's a satalite vending machine. Common mistake. LOL.

  22. starlinks being deployed out of a slot is a good idea ! this adds less complexity and keeps the ship more rigid !

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