SpaceX Just Revealed NEW Genius Starlink Updates!


SpaceX Just Revealed NEW Genius Starlink Updates!
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Starlink, SpaceX’s internet-from-space programme, has shown a new rectangular dish that interested consumers can purchase to connect to the company’s increasing low-Earth-orbit satellite constellation. It’s a lighter and thinner version of the circular dish that Starlink beta testers have been using for the past year. Starlink is SpaceX’s satellite internet project, with the goal of launching approximately 12,000 satellites into low-Earth orbit to give broadband internet access to people on the ground, particularly in isolated and rural places where traditional internet infrastructure is weak.

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  1. Uhmm, Cape Town is at the south west end of the country of South Africa. Cape Canaveral is in Florida, USA (sometimes refered to as Canaveral or `The Cape')

  2. Bovine feces. I paid $99 in February for summer '21 that has now been pushed to March '22. Musk is a predatory con man.

  3. Starlink support has confirmed that changing your addres does not delay delivery of the user terminal, it's just that the website shows that it does. The only time it delays it is if you change your addres to be outside of the cell that you originally pre-ordered in. Unfortunately no one knows wher ethe borders of their cells are, but it's unlikely that so many people moved outside their cell just because they moved the map pin 100 feet or less.

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