SpaceX is attempting two Falcon 9 launches within 10 hours | European Vega rocket launch failure

SpaceX is attempting two Falcon 9 launches within 10 hours | European Vega rocket launch failure
SpaceX’s November 21st Starlink-15 launch is expected to use the Falcon 9 B1049 booster which will become the first rocket booster to launch for the seventh time. Starlink-15 will effectively mean that SpaceX is seventy percent on the way towards achieving its longstanding goal of ten launches per booster. SpaceX is attempting for two separate Falcon 9 launches and landings within the ten hours. It will mark the company’s fourteenth Starlink mission in 2020 and first launch from the West Coast.
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  1. When your little rocket company launches more of your own satellite constellation missions than your competitors launched missions of any kind.

  2. SpaceX's first Mars crew will be drinking a latte and watching NASA's sample return mission lift off from Mars just like we watch a Starlink launch.

  3. Why doesn't Space X have a few drones giving us a bird's eye view of the booster landing, instead of just ONE camera at ground level?

  4. Flat out factual error- according to the complete list at wiki, there have been 15 launches from VAFB SLC-4E. I watched a couple of them from Ocean Ave just a few miles away.

  5. I've never understood why only one launch on a certain day,the certain day I understand. But why not multiples of launches at the same time or the same day,it never made any sense to me. The more launches on a certain date the better! One launch a year is stupid!! Why not a couple or a hundred launches on the same day for same destination??

  6. By the time NASA designs, budgets and executes a Mars sample return mission, Elon will be on their doorstep with a full canister of Mars bits….

  7. wonder what you could be covering within the "engineering today" theme aside from the over covered space ex 'news' on YouTube?

  8. You state at 2 minutes into the video that it's the first time Falcon 9 will be launched from Vandenberg AFB… it's not, there have been 15 Falcon 9 launches from Vandenberg to date, 2 v1.1s, 8 FT's and 5 B5's.

  9. Why would they name a company Aryan Space. It sound creepy to me like “Hitler Space”! I guess I remember too much of the last century.

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