SpaceX gets permit for “Project Echo” | 5G plan would deny Starlink to most Americans


SpaceX gets permit for “Project Echo” | 5G plan would deny Starlink to most Americans


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  1. As an Australian I liked the images of our CSIRO radio telescope array but that has nothing to do with 5g stations or starlink

  2. I don't worry about getting Starlink. Why? Because here in the southwestern USA it is not due to be in service for at least another year. Even though I am in a rural area with NO cable TV and NO fiber Optic, PLUS I pay for 45 MBPs and get 5.8 MBPs, two to three interruptions of service per week with s l o w broadband on weekends and any school holiday (850K or less) where I can not stream or watch a movie I guess I am classed as privileged by Starlink and so denied service. I don't fit their profile for a desirable client. So anything rumored to deny me Starlink does not concern me at all.

  3. Sounds like a plot to deny SpaceX funding to me. So is this business as usual or politics as usual?

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