SpaceX gambles EVERYTHING on Starlink and Starship! Why? And what happens if Elon wins or loses?


Elon Musk has canceled the Falcon 9 deployment of Starlink V2!! Why? And what happens if Starship doesn’t come through as planned?

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Starlink’s problem in India

  1. If starship is not ready to deploy star link 2.0 satellites they will just use falcon heavy with its massive payload capacity. You are so dramatic AA…star link is not in jeopardy…and neither is spacex in danger of going bankrupt anytime soon.

  2. Amazon using the tried and true plan of monster corporations, use captured regulatory agencies to red tape your competition out of business.

  3. May explain why Elon freed up some Tesla billions..the latest Raptor 2 test was shut off as it went engine rich at 25 seconds or so

  4. This is the "Reverse Squeeze", aka punched by the KAREN leftists, counter punch to the gut of National Interests. And, as I've said all along, the military wants not only this toy, they want uninterruptible communications. And that's why the CCP and Russia have been crapping their pants.

  5. Starlink Internet will be the backboan of the Internet. They will make much more money than anyone can believe. it costs 20 million for Falcon 9 Starship will launch for 2 Million to launch!!!!

  6. I have to argue it's not much of a risk if we're only talking about being short by ~$15B to get Starship+Starlink up and running. Elon could find that much under his couch cushions.

  7. What happens if Elon loses? That depends on whether Starlink can be offloaded whilst leaving SpaceX intact and whether there are still any investors with any confidence left in SpaceX that will fund the continued development of Starship. My best guess is that Starlink will be scaled back and sold and that Starship will eventually become operational as a cargo vehicle and remain so (no human flights). On the other hand, if Starship also fails (a real possibility) then someone else will eventually come up with a suitable heavy launcher (might even be Rocket Labs).

  8. More BS "Legacy of moon landing betrayed .. " fake angst.
    Give it a break! Technology before say 2000 wasn't worth expending a lot of launch effort/cost. Even now it's marginal, as you point out.

  9. “ they will do it again, because that’s what they do “

    I love these words 😅

  10. Thank you for your video and for sharing your point of view. I wish everything will be nice and they have in mind all the risks and the consequences of their decisions. We're living an interesting moment of space race.

  11. Didnt Elon say originally that it was like only 2% of their company's resources that were going into starship?

  12. SpaceX is already "too big to fail." (More properly stated as "too big to BE ALLOWED to fail.")

  13. There are only a handful of countries with the capability to physically prevent Starlink from operating at will. Maybe we are about to see some governments lose their ability to enforce their communications monopolies, and even (as a practical matter) their right to enforce.

  14. Stuff is more valuable in orbit than on Earth. That's why we launch stuff. Why go to a bunch of trouble to bring stuff back?

    This presumes that the stuff is useful for something, but it doesn't take a lot to imagine some kind use for gigantic vacuum rated tin cans (stainless steel cans, actually).

    As far as I know, the only good use for reentry is to bring astronauts home, but that would apply to a tiny fraction of launches, and in any case capsules seem to be a superior solution for that.

    Likewise huge vacuum rated stainless steel cans seem pretty handy on mars. The only reason to send them back to Earth would be to take humans back.

    Reusable boosters are great, but full reuse of Starship is overrated.

  15. Is this true though? Couldn't they just not do Starlink?

    Without Starlink, Falcon launch business is very viable.

    It seems like he's creating a false choice to bully the FAA through Nasa

  16. Starlink is already generating $99 x 140,000 = nearly $14 million a month. Obviously not enough to cover costs, but it must help at least a little, and will help more as time passes and new subscribers are added.

  17. There is one thing that the narrator is forgetting… Starlink will eventually become US military commodity. Therefore they might be ready for some significant taxpayer support.

  18. He is gambling nothing. Elon has zero ambition to be rich or number one. Truth is he would rather someone else done this but no one else can. Jeff is failing and he is a top class business guy.
    The entire reason for space x is starting cities on other planets and cheap space access. No starship and that isn't happening. He isn't gambling because what he already has is not fit for purpose.

  19. The starship is the key to Elon Musk's dream. He'll do whatever it takes to make the starship real. He doesn't care about the company, the investors, or…. Mars is everything to Elon. he will gamble with anything. This guy sold his own house to focus on Mars.

  20. The problem with Starship is that with a few million potential customers its going to struggle. The most likely outcome is that the constellation will be scaled back or it will be fire saled. Or both. I don't think crew Dragon is going anywhere. That part of SpaceX is viable and will continue – even if SpaceX is fire saled.

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