SpaceX Falcon 9 launches GPS-III SV04 (5 Nov 2020)

Launch window: 6:24 – 6:39 pm EST (23:24-23:39 GMT)
Launch site: SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Destination: Medium Earth Orbit
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the U.S. Air Force’s fourth third-generation navigation satellite for the Global Positioning System. The satellite is built by Lockheed Martin. Delayed from October, December, May, July and August. Moved forward from Sep 30, then delayed from Sep 29. Delayed from Sep 30 due to range conflict with Delta IV Heavy launch. Scrubbed on Oct 2 at T-minus 2 seconds. Delayed from Nov. 4.

Height: 70 m (230 ft)
Diameter: 3.7 m (12 ft)
Mass: 549k kg (1.2M lbs)
Fuel: RP-1 (non-cryogenic, highly-refined kerosene)
Oxidizer: LOX (cryogenic liquid oxygen chilled to -207.2 ºC / -340.9 ºF)
Stages: 2
First Stage Engines: (9) Merlin 1D
First Stage Thrust: 7,607 kN (1.7M lbf)
Second Stage Engine: (1) Merlin 1D Vacuum-optimized
Second Stage Thrust: 934 kN (210,000 lbf)

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Intro music: CO.AG – The Earth in 100 Years
Intro video courtesy efeuEntertainment using Space Engine
Outro music: CO.AG – Anything is Possible
Outro video clips courtesy NASA and SpaceX

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  1. Hi Raw, thanks for replay, that was great, lol even greater when you see it fly by my country ???

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