SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch of 49 Starlink Satellites


Falcon 9 is launching 49 Starlink internet satellites. Liftoff is scheduled for 4:49 p.m. Eastern (21:49 UTC) from LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

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Fleetcam is made possible by Rusty’s Seafood and Oyster Bar:

  1. My favorite part is when the first stage lands. I don't understand how they can send it to space, return it to land, but cannot seem to get a clear image of it landing. The video always goes out as it nears landing. Common Elon. Surely Spacex is capable of fixing this problem.

  2. Shame they cut Chris’s launch footage early and didn’t repeat it later… come on Michael B !!!

  3. got our S dual motor fsd while the tri/4? motor fsd cybertruck gets here. i'm all in TSLA & i love all Elon Musk does & will keep doing..we've drove from California to Boca Chica to see the Star Ship & it was so awesome to see it getting built in person!! we have LOTS of SOLAR & backup battery system to charge them both

  4. Go to 49:50 listen for 20 seconds
    Dude says sounds like the atmosphere is tearing 👈👈👈💥💥💥 because it is !!
    Soon everyone will see the Firmament be destroyed by these evil doers

  5. 12:50

    Did he say there is a 24/7 livestream cam at Rusty’s Seafood and Oyster bar restaurant? I want to see people eating.

  6. Hey, can we hold off on launches and satellites for a while and catch up on getting systems to people who have been waiting for nearly a year?

  7. They overfly the South Atlantic anomaly before deploy. Probably why no video of that event.

  8. I know the kid crying isn't something to be happy about but it really shows the awesome power and effect a rocket launch must have. The thrill watching on video gets my heart racing, I hope to witness it live someday. Maybe even a starship.

  9. You know Bezos has his entire day ruined every time Elon shoots off a rocket! Imagine being the owner of Amazon & being the 2nd richest person in the world and you being capable of being jealous or made about anything. Elon is awesome, Bezos is a monster

  10. Starlink is an astronomical crime and it will be a financial disaster for the sociopathic conman Elon Musk. His day will come. Think Elizabeth Holmes.

  11. A couple decades ago, I made a New Years resolution to never make another New Years resolution. It's the only one I've faithfully kept.

  12. Was going to drive over couldn’t make it. SpaceX is an awesome company. Changed launches with their innovation.

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