SpaceX & Blue Origin Working Together On A Mission!?


SpaceX and Blue Origin have been at each other’s throats for the past couple of years, but now the two titans are set to collaborate on a project! Keep watching and subscribe to Futurity.

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  1. They said befor u. s went to moon and they came with pics of u.s flag and some man on moon, and now they talking about how to land on moon, dont they have ex tecnology, or they just lied to world

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  3. We see what if Tony Stark and Lex Luthor working together for continuing our mankind.

  4. We need them all for America and the free world. As some big brother stuck his finger in his brothers chest, get it. In a large Irish family, I know NASA is not Irish, they do not swear enough. Amen on that. Space X has the most powerful rocket buddy. I think SPACE X is loosing out but it is better to spread the money around for the free world any way.

  5. Work ..together Here is the Power your Enemy kann not Moor Manipulation your work(Dont vorgeht…) together

  6. Spending on the space when we have millions of problems in the earth keeo wasting money

  7. well can not complane bout this right on work ing together now cool
    NASA blue origin space x

  8. Yeh spacex is open source you can build a falcon rocket if you could or build a Tesla type car np. Elon not going to sue you just give you a thumbs up like good try. He gives you the blueprints and says have at it. Lol

  9. There are so many planets out there, they can do research on different planets 🤗Good luck to both of you.They are researching on weather life can survive or sustain on any other planet. They want humans to go beyond Earth.

  10. If I was a billionaire and wasn’t able to win the race against space x, I would jump to joint operations. Pay him to take objects up for a base.

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