SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic : How Close Are We to Space Tourism?


How SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic Compete in The Growing Space Tourism Market

A new industry is slowly keeping its pieces together, and that time is not too far when this industry will create its own place with value more than billions. Yes, we are talking about the space tourism industry that is continuously growing like an unstoppable force that wants to pass every obstacle on its path. Up until now, many thought about this industry as a science fiction or hard only on space storybooks. But it is now close to becoming a reality with several aerospace companies competing with each other to take the lead place in this emerging market.

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  1. Virgin Galactic had this in the bag 20 years ago, but hey, at least they're all competing for something thats just around the corner… i like how every comment here thinks this is going to happen. Bezos' rocket is conveniently shaped like the amazon dick… they're mocking you space nerds. its not real, has anyone seen these flights? its convenient they have made so many successful flights, without passengers…

  2. An airplane has the window the size of a frying pan….no way in hell you will get these large ass windows for "Space tourism"

  3. Space tourism, if regulations allow, will be an insanely large and profitable business in the long term. They will bring costs down over time.

  4. Check out my newest video about virgin galactic and growth stock valuations! Thank you and have a great day!

  5. I hate to point it out to you, but we have 'space tourism' now , and it isn't going to be any different for the foreseeable future: some rich idiots throwing money at their egos and attempting to be relevant.

  6. humanity has no need of space tourism, launches are not good for the environment overall.
    the likes you can get from a selfie in space, are NOT worth it

  7. Does getting to London in 20 minutes count as sub-orbital? Because SpaceX is planning to also rule that market…

  8. the odd grammatical errors and typos which are read verbatim are amazing. You crave out that name for yourself, boeing.

  9. This is the reality for those who want to go to space, it won't ever happen in our lifetime or for maybe a hundred years or more. Reason, once the entire common people of the planet actually find out the truth of what's out there then it would change every bit of society where we would either have to all come together or society would rip itself apart overnight & the controlling governments of the world are not going to allow that knowledge to escape into the public domain.

    Think of it, lets say a very small percentage of people of the world have video proof of UFO activity outside the earth or even inside our atmosphere those people will always be ridiculed by those who can't believe in ET's coming to planet earth to visit us, there will also be a majority of those religious people who will not believe that they are ET's but they will claim that they are demons. Okay everyone is allowed to have their own beliefs & opinions you say. But think of what life would be like if all your beliefs & opinions are shattered in that one moment when you realize the real truth about the cosmos? How many religious zealots would set the world on fire refusing to believe the actual truth? How many people that ridiculed all those people before, how could they cope with learning how wrong they were & how bad they were to so many people over the years in the past? How will those people that are brainwashed in their scientific beliefs deal with the facts that many of the beliefs they clung too were wrong, how are they going to deal with it?

    Imagine going into orbit only to find out that space is teeming with life, with millions of spacecraft gliding by going about their work & the whole world instantly finding out that we are not alone, that the technology of these ET craft's are 1000s of years ahead of our understanding. We would all come to the sudden realization that we are ants to these ET races as these ET races ignore us. The world thrives on negativity & instantly would spiral into panic where people would think that these ET's are here to take over our world, everyone would turn insane with fear.

    If you've read all of this so far you've already found some reason to say that I'm wrong because there is nothing outside in space. You've already believed in your own fantasy that there could be nothing out there. How shocked will you be when you find out you are dead wrong & there are millions of ET spacecraft out there that the world governments have been hiding from you for over 80 years?

  10. North Korea will have its own state sponsored rocket ships for a fraction of the cost but it's only one way.

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