SpaceX asks Starlink users to email FCC for support in wireless battle with Dish | Vulcan Countdown?


SpaceX asks Starlink users to email FCC for support in wireless battle with Dish | Vulcan Countdown?


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  1. Tel-Coms have taken BILLIONS, from customers, and, the Government, in the name of improving rural hi-speed internet, which they HAVEN'T DONE, someone comes along and actually does something positive, giving us actual working options, then starts getting attacked……. Didn't see that one coming………….

  2. Emailed the FCC and my congressmen, senators. Don't mess up my Starlink!

  3. I now have good reliable fast internet With Starlink that works 24/7 for the first time in over ten years. I tried ATMC, Spectrum and several other services and could not watch a short video that was clear and without watching loading circles all the time and often no service at all. I am disabled and depend on a laptop with the internet for paying my bills, medical care and all other business and for entertainment since I can't afford cable TV. I just recently got my first smart phone, but because of my disabilities have trouble seeing and operating it with shacky hands. I don't need the 5g near as much as I need good internet access that I finally have with Starlink. I am thankful for Starlink as it is my only viable option. There are many of us in the same situation.😐

  4. I live in the suburbs on a private road, Comcast/Xfinity, Verison, Frontier & Ziply have all failed to able to provide high speed internet. I was being charged $92 per month for 3.6 mbps, when I complained I was told "you are getting all the service you are paying for" by Ziply customer service. The excuse for the slow speed was the "infrastructure is antiquated in your area". The solution for me is Starlink, don't let the the old technology ISPs destroy the only viable internet provider many of us have.

  5. I saw only one landing of the Starship and the explosion at the end.

    Now: 1) Landing is vague – and despite the sea-aiming landing, the percentage of landing on falling on the land is high.
    2) And we don't even know what kind of orbit it will hit! low Earth orbit (LEO), medium Earth orbit (MEO), or even geostationary orbit (GEO)? right?

    3) The Falcon was tested viciously before the initial orbit flight. It was well planned, well versed, and well accomplished. It was really scientifically prepared.
    4) Starship wasn't tested recently. (March 3, 2021 – the last high-attitude test). It means it will be 1 year and 4 months after the last high attitude test. And today Musk wants to flip to orbit flight? (If July 2022 is the mark)
    5) Now, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – has real concerns about the flight-safety and refuses to give the license for orbital flight. And there're reasons for it.

    I think it needs at least high-attitude tests, don't you think?

  6. Dish sucks! They do not have the manpower or knowledge to even run what they have now. If FCC don't see that then they are just as stupid as they (Dish) are.

  7. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 Savilaa.Uno qualification m.l.t medical lab techniciank ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  8. email wast of time hes backing republicans, why should they protect his business, hes not contributing to the like a union would after all, their going to do EVERYTHING they can do to cost slow space X and any company he owns as much as possible, to make it COST him. dont want him to quit they want to bleed him over time slowly, and guess what they dont care about how their dissension impact business, or you , they just want their cut!!

  9. Disrupting starlink is why the FCC is considering giving the Spectrum space to 5G.

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