SpaceX and Starlink INSANE NEW Plan To Beat Russia


SpaceX and Starlink INSANE NEW Plan To Beat Russia

Everyone is shocked by the recent actions of Russia in Europe. The whole world is terrifying and appalled that there might be another world war. With Twitter trending with topics like “World War-III” and “Russia Vs Ukraine”, comes Elon musk to rescue them!

Welcome to Tech SpaceX join us in our space journey to occupy mars 2022 with the great spacex raptors created by Elon Musk so we can some day watch mars red sky with the help of spacex polaris and the great service of starlink spacex pink could also be a good idea for our spacex fans.

SpaceX and Starlink INSANE NEW Plan To Beat Russia


-SpaceX JUST Revealed Starship and Super Heavy Landing Trick!

-Elon Musk Just Revealed How SpaceX’s Starship Will Sustain Life

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  1. Only 100 million dollars?
    You get only one Falcon 9 launch for that amount of money.

  2. How are they protecting them from high altitude missiles and other threats? Armed?

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