SpaceX and Elon Musk are Destroying Blue Origin Budget Wise


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Jeff Bezos’ long feud with SpaceX is heating up, as we all know. After Elon Musk’s SpaceX was given a highly wanted contract for a lunar lander, his aerospace business, Blue Origin, filed a lawsuit against NASA.

Blue Origin has been vocal against NASA’s choice, after NASA awarded SpaceX a $2.9 billion contract to create a human landing system that will place humans on the moon for the first time in decades, this might occur as early as 2024.

NASA previously stated that it might grant multiple funding contracts for the mission, potentially allowing Blue Origin to compete with SpaceX with its own lunar landing system. However, only SpaceX was awarded a contract in the end.

According to Space News, Blue Origin’s federal lawsuit accuses NASA of being “unlawful and improper” in its review of proposals for its human landing system program.

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  1. Jeff Besos is trash and hes a CRYBABY! First Off Elon and SpaceX were planning to got to the moon and mars without NASA. Second, the StarShip was already a prototype when NASA came up with the ARTEMIS program. Third Jeff Besos is the RICHEST man in the WORLD! Why is he BEGGGING for our TAX DOLLARS when Amazon already DOESNT HAVE TO PAY TAXES! Hes the exact opposite of ELON. Elon has SAVED AMERICANS BILLIONS just by sending Astronauts to the ISS. It cost us $81,000,000 to send one person to the ISS using Russian Soyuz rockets. It cost about 55,000,000 per person on the Reusable Dragon Crew Capsule and it's way more comfortable and state of the art technology proven to the work. WHAT HAS BESOS DONE FOR AMERICANS?

  2. Hyper capitalist, narcissistic, psychopathic, tax avoiding, union busting, china enabling, trump fan musk destroying Boca Chica wetlands and wildlife for his phallic fantasy

  3. NASA has a budget problem. Blue Origin has a leadership problem. And SpaceX have a 'sore loser' competitor problem. Bezos should focus on being a better leader and establishing a healthier work culture at Blue Origin.

  4. Elon Musk is like Tony Stark and Jeff Bezos is Justin Hammer.
    Jeff Bezos will always be a cheating nr. 2.

  5. I don’t trust bill nelson he knows big aerospace companies have ripped off NASA for years but he’s still chummy with them.

  6. Didn’t realize that NASA only wants to use a single source with no competitive bidding process. I wonder what’s behind it. Now there is no competition so SpaceX pretty much owns NASA as they will have no other options.

  7. "Commercial Space Companies" must have a pretty loose definition. How many orbital payloads has Blue Origin delivered?

  8. I think BO and bezos is engaged in extortion and racketeering, profiteering, and bribery.
    Of course BO lost, their bid was double what SpaceX bid. Who in their right mind would pay double for the same but miniaturized product?

  9. Jeff Who and BO doesn't have an orbital capable rocket. SpaceX has launched about 100 launches to orbit, has landed most of the boosters, repeatedly resupplied the ISS and Dragon is man rated. BO has a fair ground ride rocket that just goes up and down. So Bezzo has no New Glumm rocket and is holding up ULA's Vulcan rocket by non provision of BE4 engines.
    Only in America would someone sue his customers for not buying a non existent product. I would be surprised if NASA gave any significant contracts to BO in future.

  10. Blue origin still hasn't delivered let alone produced those engines for their ULA contract they were suppose to deliver in 2018 when are they going to produce bigger engines for them selves to go higher?

  11. Huge difference between Musk putting all his money into his companies and Bezos trying to get the government to pay for everything.

  12. To be fair, NASA asked for the funding for $3.3B for HLS Option A in 2020 and Congress gave them $850M. IF NASA had got the $3.3B they asked for in 2020, the Blue Origin led National Team would already be the second HLS Option A lander as they came in second.

  13. Competition was their I’m sure boating being involved lead space x to bid 3 billion and not 6. Paying for a shitty loser to tag along isn’t the same as competition

  14. If you asked for bids to put a new roof on your house, and Company A told you it would be $10,000 but Company B told you it would cost $35,000 and Company B had never put a roof on an actual house, you to would give Company A your money. Blue Origin has never put anything into space. SpaceX regularly docks at the ISS and just flew 4 civilians in a 3 day orbit and landed them safely. Blue Origin flew Jeff Bezos in a Low Earth Orbit for 3 minutes.

  15. Bezos and BO look absolutely pathetic in all this. They need to concentrate their efforts and money int getting their BE 4 engine working right, or they will be on the other end of a lawsuit from ULA.

  16. I posted a year ago, whether B. O. launches the New Glen on schedule or not, it was already irrelevant because of SpaceX and Starship. Anyone care to debate me NOW?

  17. 10b government cloud contracts to Microsoft canceled, now spaceX contracts. Go Jeff. You have valid points😊

  18. Blue Origin is gonna need a bigger rocket. And we all know Jeff is just jealous that Musk has a stronger rocket and more hair.

  19. When will Lex.. err.. I mean Bezos get the point that NASA will not fund super villans? All he is doing is halting progress on something that should have been done years ago. He hasn't even got a flying prototype in model form let alone a nearly complete fully working starship like Elon, so there is one reason right there that doesn't involve money that is part of why he didn't get the contract…. about a decade in development. if he actually done some real work instead of trying to slow others, he might have been a true contender, but people like him only see money and stamp their feet like a child when they get told NO…

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