SpaceX 3D construction progress weekly summary! Boca Chica TX UPDATE May 24 2021


SpaceX Starbase is developing rapidly. Preparations for launch tower stacking are almost complete.
Work on the launch table continues at a feverish pace, and the tank farm
is getting bigger by the day.
Many new structures have been delivered. Heat exchangers, pre-assembled pipe assemblies an elevator and much more.
New mysterious constructions are created that make us puzzle again.
On the construction sites of the Spacex Starbase in Boca Chica, work is going on day and night.
The goal is to perform the first orbital test flight within this year.
I am looking forward to showing you my daily 3D updates of the construction progress in the next week.

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Starbase 3D Baufortschritt Wöchentliche zusammenfassung

SpaceX Starbase entwickelt sich rasant. Die vorbereitungen für das Startturm stapeln sind fast abgeschlossen.
Am Starttisch wird weiterhin fieberhaft gearbeitet und die Tankfarm
wird von Tag zu Tag größer.
Viele neue Konstruktionen wurden geliefert. Wärmetauscher, vormontierte Rohrgruppen ein Fahrstuhl und vieles mehr.
Neue Mysteriöse Konstruktionen entstehen die uns wieder zum rätseln veranlassen.
Auf den Baustellen von der Spacex Starbase in Boca Chica wird Tag und Nacht gearbeitet.
Das Ziel ist, innerhalb dieses Jahres den ersten Orbitalen Tesflug durchzuführen.
Ich freue mich euch auch in der nächsten Woche meine täglichen 3D updates von dem Baufortschritt zeigen zu können.

Wer mehr über das geschehen auf der Sternenbasis in Boca Chica und allgemein über Raumfahrt erfahren möchte sollte unbedingt hier vorbeischauen.

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  1. I think that last bit of construction has something to do with the rotation bearing(s) of the massive crane assemblies ability to rotate in a 360 degree motion in order to pick up Starships and stack them on Superheavy’s.

  2. Great Blender work here. If I may offer a suggestion that you could improve your quality if you ask a native English speaker to help you with your caption language. The auto-translator that you’re using is not working very well. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great animations and images but personally I find the constant music annoying. It would be much better to have someone talking discussing changes and facts.

  4. This elevator system, in fact the whole tower concept, does not lend itself to easily accommodating hundreds of people getting into a rocket, so, will we see a skyscraper airport built right next to the tower and if so, what about non-human payloads such as vehicles. Once proof of concept has been established might we see this design scrapped for a more ground level system where it is much easier to load payloads?

  5. any idea of the weight of the lift today? 150tons? can you calculate a volume for each component in your model and multiply by ~8000kg/cu meter? Very nice work.

  6. I think the new weird looking test rig structure is a future ritual place to sacrifice virgins in order to please the space gods for upcoming orbital flights. But hey, it's just my idea.

  7. I love your shorts. Great work.
    Will only point out that unlike Germany and Sweden most people use a dot "." as the decimal point, not a comma. Easy to forget that if you are German.

  8. This is great, love the full updates weekly. You help keep me up to date with many things I’d normally miss. I watch BocaChicaMary’s videos nightly, but she can’t catch all of it of course. Speculation time: The first circular object (water distribution plate?) and the last objects in the videos look like they go together somehow someway. Just a guess. Lol.

  9. The elevator was dropped in by the crane through the top! I would have expected it just entering through one of the two bottom entries. It's not like its big or heavy. 

    Elevator rail segments are still needed to be built upto the current top of the steel, with segments at the ready.

  10. 2:47 I just realized it's probable that these massive eyelets and the small side plates used to mount them will just be used for lifting, and then unbolted. I know most of the structure is bolted together so it can "give" a little in the wind, but have a strong feeling that each corner column will be one continuous welded piece, top to bottom.

    It's fun to watch the weeks progress and see your predictions come true. They lowered the elevator down the central shaft yesterday, and I knew exactly what was happening.

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