Spacesuits Reinvented | SpaceX vs NASA


We explore the beautiful and stylish spacesuit used by SpaceX astronauts. We take a deeper look into the history of the design, it’s features, and how they are different than traditional NASA spacesuits we’ve all been familiar with over the years.

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  1. SpaceX is not owned by an individual, though Elon might have a majority share. Google has invested a LOT of money in spaceX among others.

  2. I still think NASA astronaut space suits much more cooler then SpaceX space suits… The white suits with the squirt of shoulders not a good luck to Richard not Sonny not forfeiting it looks cheesy you’re trying to colour coordinate I guess now you got a missed on lot one

  3. Those aren't space suits. They are flight suits. These are meant for the ability to survive high altitude exposure on ascent or descent in a case of emergency and breach of the cabin and thus loss of cabin pressure and atmosphere, not survive a space walk.

  4. Given how elon makes the clown cars and how badly they're built, I wouldn't trust that anymore than I can thrown that rocket.

  5. Without a doubt the design and features that the SpaceX suits brings forward a modern age of space flight for humans to travel into space looking like they belong there.

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