Space X – Starlink internet satellites trailed over night sky of Sitia, Crete island.


On the night of 27-4-2020 (21:45) two glittering clusters of Starlink satellites passed over the night sky of Sitia, Crete, as the Starlink satellites of SpaceX passed over, some of them escaped the spectacle and even considered it to be meteor shower… or aliens. But it is not so … We were lucky as together with the west of Aphrodite, the Moon and Orion, we recorded with the method of timelapse of this launch that took place from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA. Read more about SpaceX here: or the official website: (UK) Yesterday night (27-4-2020 at 21:45 ) two shimmering trails of Starlink internet satellites trailed over night sky of Sitia, Crete island, as SpaceX’s Starlink satellites passed overhead, some were left baffled by the sparkling display and even suggested that it could be a meteor shower… or aliens! We were lucky to record a timelapse film of that phenomenon. Read more about SpaceX here: or visit the official site here:

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