Space News: Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin Win. Star link Out of Beta, and NASA Splits Up Leadership


Space News – Last week Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin won a lunar landing contract from Nasa. As a five part award Blue Origin won 26 Million to develop human lander concepts and technology. Starlink announces that it will be coming out of beta in October, will we see it mobile and untethered? Will the Geo Lock be lifted and we can freely roam with Starlink? Inspiration 4 lands, but, what was it REALLY like up there? Did it smell like poo? NASA splits leadership in the Artemis program and demotes Kathy Lueders despite her success with SpaceX and projects like the ISS docking and resupply by a private company.

0:00 -Introduction, What we talking about today?
0:39 – Starlink coming out of beta in October
2:40 – Inspiration4 Poop Problem
5:13 – Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin wins the Next Step-2 award for a Lunar Human Lander.
13:35- Summary of this weeks space news
14:45- My take on this weeks space news, Jeff Bezos getting an award with what experience again?

  1. I'm not an Elon Musk fan. But your channel is fair and the only one I watch. Good job, man!

  2. It's OK, NASA wants to several sources for space related stuff. SpaceX is already on, no need of stimulus money.

  3. Well done NASA, you just gave JB the money for JB's legal fees to sue you, great idea, are you crazy!!

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