SPACE LASERS: SpaceX's first West Coast Starlink mission with laser linked satellites

Another 51 Starlink satellites have been successfully launched, and this batch is the first to have laser links.
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  1. i just received my Starlink. i have issues with the signal dropping off. support is great at Starlink

  2. Oh you are creating quite the following. I love your enthusiasm and informative videos as well as you are such a cutie pie 🥰
    Sending love and hugs from North of the border 🇨🇦 😀😘

  3. Thanks for the update Ellie. I believe Starlink is going to be as disruptive as the Internet was itself when it reaches its potential. I'm hoping they will build Starlink dish into the Tesla somehow in the future.

  4. Is there a schedule of the upcoming Starlink launches? I can't seem to find anything.

  5. liked video love youre content … i'd love to live in orbit my back is horrible ..0G would be a great place to die

  6. space launch costs per kilo …. youre a very tall person cant be light … you no beltah…

  7. like that Elon always improves on all products he produces .. they are very innovative truly is The real world tony stark (Tesla Bot) good work Ellie you are my SpaceX Titan

  8. I thought the main reason they were pausing specifically to relocate the drone ships to the pacific

  9. In the book you learn Vanderberg was a big pita. So bad taste in the mouth for those military people and their ghosting technics. Of course now they'll change haha.

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  11. Heya Eliana! Thanks for the coverage and you are looking fantastic!! I am still getting comments on my Dishy shirt by the way! Hope all is well with you and have a great trip to Boca Chica 🙂

  12. Maybe Blue Origin would work better if they had of taken the blue pill. Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin haven't even come close to accomplishing what Elon Musk has with SpaceX. Just because Bezos "Can't get it up!" It doesn't mean he can rocket block everybody else. It is America's tax paying dollar that funds NASA. All Bezos is doing is trying to milk money from NASA and cause a delay in the Artemis program. The space shuttle program barely got us into low earth orbit and was anything but fully reusable, solid booster engines and a big orange tank that got discarded every launch. That death trap was so expensive from the beginning it should have been scrapped before it started. Now that SpaceX has us on the right track we can start moving forward. Let's shoot for the Moon then Mars and then we will end up amongst the Stars!

  13. I've been excited about the prospect of the Starlink sats routing data across multiple hops since the whole idea had been first publicized. While it's neato to have satellites that you can bounce access to a ground station off of it's just not as cool as an actual SKYNET where data's routing over oceans and deserts, skipping ground stations and fiber entirely! #OrbitalBandwidth

  14. I watched the launch last night and realized I missed watching SpaceX Launches! That was so cool to see them succeed and get the new satellites up in orbit. It will be interesting to see if they spread out and do their job or if they have any issues with them. I know the weak spot is the poles right now. So yipee and we get Inspiration 4 this evening! Wahoo!

  15. "You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks satellites with frickin' laser beams attached" 🦈+🔫+ 🛰

  16. I can think of plenty of countries where you wouldn't want to have ground stations – hardware over which authoritarian regimes would inevitably exercise control to block internet access.

  17. Moving off-grid soon and Starlink is my key to internet access, so can't wait to get my kit. Estimate says mid to late 2021 and I'm hoping this launch helps move that along.

  18. Just curious – I thought that they generally sent up 60 satellites at a time. Was sending up 51 on this launch a result of supply chain issues impacting manufacture or transportation of another 9?

  19. Another noticeable difference with this mission was the audio feed from the rocket itself just after launch.

    (I also prefer the new look, but that’s just me).

  20. SpaceX Team & the rest of the World: Yeeeaaaah! AAAWWSSOOOMMMEEE!
    Jeff Bezo's of Blue Origin: 🙈_don't look!_ 😫_AAAAAHHH!_ 🤬 aarrggHH!!! 🤬 AARRGGHH!!!!! 😱_NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!_ 😬 This is not happening! 😫 I'm DREAMING! pinch myself, ouch! 😭 WAAAAAA! 🥵 wimper… 🤢 I'm gonna be sick!

  21. I’m very happy for Starlink but I would be even happier if I could get some ground equipment to start using the service. Waiting over four months now.

  22. Hope you enjoy your trip to Texas! Last week when I heard we had a hurricane headed our way my first thought was , I hope it doesn’t screw up Ellie’s trip to Boca Chica.

  23. "Blasted off…"? That term hasn't been used officially for decades. "Blast" has negative connotations. "Lifted off…" is correct terminology now.

  24. SpaceX really makes one excited for the future. They went from a coffee can to laser linked LEO internet satellites in 3 years.
    That's quite an impressive tech progression

  25. would it be correct to assume that we’ll need ~ 1,600 of these new satellites equipped with laser technology in order to service all locations around the globe that does not have a nearby ground station to connect to?
    i live in Hawaii & there is no ground station here as of yet.
    thank you for your videos!

  26. Well done great update. Another 51 v2.1 hope this means we are closer to getting our rectangle dishy in the Philippines 🇵🇭….. MAKE IT SO… “ELON”. ✌️✌️✌️✌️

  27. YouTube keeps removing my comments not sure why. There is a Inspiration 4 mission show if you look for it. I'm guessing they don't like me mentioning another platform so they remove my comments.

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