Space Denier Can't Accept Blue Origin Space Flight


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Jake the Asshole is a former Flat Earther, but he still seems to think that space doesn’t exist and today he attempts to “expose” the Blue Origin Space flight. Does he expose it or is it all just classic conspiracy rubbish? Let’s find out…

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  1. Everybody's on it. NASA, JAXA, ROSCOSMOS, ESA, Blue Origin, SpaceX, everybody that's ever set foot in the ISS, etc…
    Only the idiot flat earther's are NOT.
    And by the way, the Earth's circumference is a known fact by mathematicians since 240 B.C…
    I compare these idiots to our coccyx…. a remainder we were all monkeys at some point…

  2. Honestly, If we end up reaching a point where space travel is normal due to industry and or colonization. I wonder how flat earther conspiracy would "evolve".

  3. omg roflmao Raycon ad xD very suitable, much more interesting. xD

    I'm sure he's just trying to get a free trip with them. Envy at its finest.

  4. I don't think this guy is an asshole, he's an idiot. And he'll yes I'm jealous that I didn't get to go up there, it looks fun! And that woman is a badass!! She has flown aircraft and that dude (he's not important enough to remember his name) asshole guy prob hasn't even rode a bike! Again I'm super jealous that they got to do that, I want to go 🥺!! Now to come up with an idea that will make me billions…

  5. If the curve was due to the windows then wouldn’t the scene where 3 windows are in frame…….wouldn’t they not line up correctly??

  6. The fish lense argument makes no sense….even witha fish eye lense you would be able to see more of the earth when it would be flat… like the fish lense does create a curve bit it does not hide continents

  7. First the kid wasn’t selected. Blue origin auctioned off the forth seat the first manned flight of new shepherd. The winning bid was $28,000,000 for charity. I ain’t got that kind of money but if I did you bet I would have been in that video(actually I couldn’t bid due to the fact I work at blue origin). If they wanna argue about it saying it an airplane doing parabolic flights there is an easy fix come to van horn Texas with a telescope or a great zoom in camera and observe “with you own eyes/senses” that that thing goes straight up. I have been here for 5 separate launches and they all do the exact same thing. Also explain if it is a parabolic fight how they go from a “plane” to a pod that land on its own with its three parachutes. The booster comes right back home and pod shows up 3 min later. The whole process only takes about twenty min. I challenge any flat earthier to check it out first hand and see there is absolutely no time to go up and down in a plane to have a chance of meeting the length of that video. As for the name calling at Jeff is insane. You wanna what he did 45 min after landing gave $400,000,000 to charity a week later out of the blue he gave everybody a $10,000 bonus to celebrate our first human flight. I’m kinda tired of all these guys basically saying that my job is bullshit and that is what they do every time they call these flights fake. I moved to the middle of nowhere 100 miles from the closest Walmart and have to live in an rv due to the lack of housing. It is disrespectful to me and everybody I work with when they pull crap like this. I have more complaints but I got things to do. Oh and the new oldest person in space is Captain Kirk and the ripe old age of 90 yrs old.

  8. Jake the asshole's personality just draws you to his cause like a magnet, doesn't it. The only thing he managed to expose was his deep lacking of intelligence.

  9. Jake definitely has the correct name… Assholes actually Do spew out total SHIT. He's perfect!

  10. This mommy's boy is more concerned with Shatner's voyage in low earth orbit than questioning smarter more established people. The whole diversion from his own pathetic life and cowardice is VERY TRANS-PARENT.

  11. Jake is a very vulgar guy! Perhaps he thinks that makes him appear more mature; his ideas certainly don't.

  12. That clip was long enough to really get a good view of the 'horizon' through multiple windows/viewports. The continuity from window to window looks perfect. If the curvature was the result of lensing in the window, the horizon would look scalloped I think.

  13. He calls them flunkies lol this guy is a crazy. I mean they may take advantage of their workers and are lacking lots of morals but they’re definitely not flunkies.

  14. Flat Earthers will always get their 15 minutes of fame just like the 2 headed snake will – not because people think they are particularly intelligent but because they are another one of natures oddities.

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