Sony Network New Software all HD Satellite Receivers Here in 1 Post.

Aslamoalikom Friends!
In this video we are going to share some New software’s for Asiaat 7 Sony Network. You can download software from below links.


01.How to add C Cline in All HD Satellite Receivers.How to add cccam in Hd Satellite Receivers.cline.

02.How to Connect Any Satellite Receiver With Wifi.Wifi Device Setting to Digital Satellite Receivers.

How To Connect Any Dish Receiver with Laptop and PC.How To Connect Set Top Box To Laptop,on Easycap.

04.Yahset 53 E Full Channel List With Frequency’s and Dish Setting.

05.How to Connect Any Digital Satellite HD Reciver with Android Mobile Data.

06.Intelset 20 68.5E Complete Setting,channel list and Power Vu Key.How to set intelset 20 68.5E.

07.Paksat 38E Full setting and channel listl. Paksat complete information.

08.Watan TV full setting.Yahset 52E and Express AM6 Full Setting for Watan TV HD.

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  1. App k discarpition main jo pehle Hain wo to software Hain Jo us see nichey Hain wo sab ki sab dump file hain

  2. Main ne new software kia tha apne receiver main pehle ten sports chal gya tha lekin ab band ho gya hai please help

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