Somehow Jeff Bezos realizes that the BE-4 engine is better than others but NO WAY TO BEAT SpaceX


Somehow Jeff Bezos realizes that the BE-4 engine is better than others but NO WAY TO BEAT SpaceX

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Somehow Blue Origin realizes that the BE-4 engine is better than others but No way to beat SpaceX

Have you ever competed in a competition and come in second? How do you feel if a thousand people are lining up behind only one person?
Such is exactly the situation with Blue Origin now.
Somehow Blue Origin realizes that the BE-4 engine is better than others but No way to beat SpaceX!
Let’s find out everything about this subject in today’s episode of Alpha Tech channel:

For many people, a rocket engine is just a rocket engine. But Blue Origin’s new engine is a big deal for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its 550,000 pounds of thrust at sea level, much more powerful than a space shuttle’s main engine, RS25, which had 418,000 pounds of thrust.

Especially, as Jeff Bezos explained the philosophy behind the BE-4 engine: “In principle, rocket engines are simple, but that’s the last place rocket engines are ever simple”. Nonetheless, Blue Origin sought to make an engine that was not too complex, nor one that required ultra-premium materials. The designers didn’t want to create a work of art that pushed the limits of engineering—rather, they wanted a reliable workhorse that could be flown again and again, perhaps as many as 100 times as the company pushes the boundaries of reusable spaceflight.

Blue Origin began developing the engine in 2012 for its own purposes, but in 2014 the rocket company United Launch Alliance came to them about a replacement engine for its next-generation rocket, Vulcan. The company, which launches the majority of US military payloads with its Altas V rocket, needed to move on from its use of the Russian RD-180 engine, as the national security community was no longer comfortable buying from Russia during a time of rising tensions.

The RD 180 is a very high-performance engine, operating at extreme temperatures and pressures. Higher pressures translate into marginally more performance but at a high cost of development time, money, and uncertain reusability. “Our strategy is, we like to choose a medium-performing version of a high-performance architecture,” Bezos said. “The RD-180 is both—a high-performing version of a high-performance architecture. That’s a very challenging engine to develop, and it really complexifies everything. With a lower pressure, you can still get very high performance.”

As a result of its design philosophy, Bezos said the BE-4 engine should cost about 30 to 40 percent less than the RD-180 engine. It should also, in theory, be more durable and capable of reuse without worrying about the failure of components due to the extreme pressures and temperatures inside an RD-180 engine, which is flown once and then discarded.
Somehow Jeff Bezos realizes that the BE-4 engine is better than others but NO WAY TO BEAT SpaceX

  1. If I were Tory Bruno… and I wasn't getting my engines, and I found out the engine dev program was "hardware poor" do to lack of investment, AND that naked mole rat, Bezos, was about to take delivery of a 500 million dollar sailing yacht I would absolutely lose my mind. SpaceX is about to eat my lunch because I don't have a rocket, and I don't have a rocket because I don't have engines. I hope the entire space industry can see what a huge mistake it is to do business with Blue Origin. If they replaced half of their legal department with hardware for engine testing they'd probably be flying right now.

  2. RD-170, a full version of RD-180, is at least 10 times reusable. It was tested 10 times in a row even without any maintenance. The side boosters of Energia rocket were designed to be reusable but it never happened because USSR collapsed. And they will never ever beat Russia in engine cost because everything US makes is so overpriced.

  3. blue origin is fake no orbital yet after 10 years just stealing our money fire bezos

  4. SpaceX is manufacturing 7 raptors per week, not 4. You should be comparing the raptor to the BE-4 using thrust/Kg, not absolute thrust. Absolute thrust is meaningless.

  5. Projects like these need someone at the top who both understands the issues well enough to make informed decisions AND has the authority.

    Musk does
    Bezos doesn’t

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